Happy Halloween!

I remember our halloween celebration last year. We were at my sister’s place in Stavanger. Had party with diner and games. Sigh* How I missed that! I miss the party even though some freaks stole my bag with my party dress, money and ipod charger in it! :s How about the halloween this year? Yes…

Donald Duck and Friends

We took a tour at a small lake at Ålgård today to feed these cute creatures. 🙂 Can you tell which ones are the female ducks and which are the male ones? I think they didn’t like my camera… My bf feeding the ducks. That’s me trying to lure the ducks to come to me….

Passion for the Things You Love to Do and Being Kind to Your Pets

I’ve been to my friend’s crib today and guess what she cooked dinner for us! It’s really so nice of her! I love the food. It’s pasta with beef and very good sauce! I think she could be a professional cook someday because her cooking skill is very impressive. I forgot to take a picture…

Karriedagen 2010

Trond Giske at the University of Stavanger More pictures here.