What’s Up With Me?

I’m finally done with my philosophy home exam! Woohooo! I’m so happy that I just have to work so much my body can handle before christmas and new year. πŸ™‚ When the next semester comes I won’t be able to work full time because of my school sched. Of course I’m prioritizing school above anything else but it is also wise to have some job experience now so I can develop my communication skills andΒ  gain more confidence.
The birthday party
I’ve been to a marvelous party yesterday and it was a blast! There were lots of good tasting foods and drinks. My friends’ mom made four Filipino dishes and I’ve tasted all of it! πŸ™‚ I was almost bloated when I finished my plate. Grabe!!! That’s why I feel so grateful everytime that they are inviting me to their parties and it makes me proud to be a Filipina too.
My friend Cha set up the table. It looks cosy and warm.
This is me sucking up the lime juice right after the tequila shot.
Partners in crime. Shot glass, salt and the lime.
I only had two tequila shots because my stomache got bad and it almost made me puke. I think it’s because of the Mango-vodka shake my friend made for us. I learned my lesson, never drink a coctail drink with milk on it. Whew!

More limes!

Theo is not excluded from the party. πŸ™‚
The new Myspace

I got an email from Myspace saying that they are now collaborating with Facebook and that they got a new look now. I checked it and wow Myspace looks really neat and stylish now than before. The new Myspace has a new logo and you can now connect it to your Facebook account which is I think amazing. They even have games now! So guys check it out!Β 

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In Stavanger Today

I just got home and geeshes I’m exhausted! I’ve been in Stavanger this morning for an interview and now I just have to wait for the verdict. πŸ˜‰ After that I went to the library to get the books I reserved on the Internet yesterday but its not available for the meantime so I guess I have to wait. . .

Anyway here are some of the shots I took today in Stavanger. Enjoy!

Me wearing my favorite red trench coat from Mango and scarf from H&M. Very comfy.

Took the bus in Stavanger. 

The Good News

Finally just one exam to go and it is going to be easy since it is a home exam. I’m going to work with it after this. Anyway, I was at my job training yesterday in Stavanger and it was a success. I’m so happy to announce that I am officially working again. It’s been a year since I last worked. I stopped working because I wanted to focus 100 percent on my studies, but because of that I feel that there was something missing. It took a year for me to realize that life is not just about the theories and the lectures I’m learning at school. It is the ability to apply these theories and stuff  into practice. That is how I ended up applying for jobs on the Internet and I promise that I’ll do my best this time and share my happiness to others. πŸ™‚

Cold Sunny Day

If there’s one thing I hate about living in Norway is the very very cold weather. It makes my skin itch of dryness and makes me sleepy all the time like a Snorlax. Good thing that it’s not raining. Gosh, I can sleep like 16 hours straight these days but it’s bad for the health.

Anyway for other news, I had an exam in accounting and economy today. It was difficult.. but I’ve done all the exercises and done my best. Lets just hope that I get a high grade. πŸ˜€

Took some pictures at school today using my Nokia 6700 slide.

While waiting for the bus.

My lue (touque), very warm and comfy. Great for freezy cold cold days.

Wish Granted and Accounting

I’m so happy today. The thing that I was praying and wishing for these past few days has finally come true. Now I’m very motivated to do something big and to anticipate even bigger things. Of course I want to thank God for the strength, my family for the support and my hunny for spoiling me a lot. πŸ™‚

Anyway, I’m now preparing for the exams next week. I’m sure that it’s going to be a tough one but hey I can do it! I just have to bear in mind that accounting is easy as 123 and poof an A! … (I wish) Nah seriously, I’m stressing a bit with my accounting skills, it’s not because I can not do it, but I commit the very lightest mistakes, like for example writing 80 instead of 30 or sutracting 10 instead of adding it and etc. I think the reason behind this is that I’m very negative to myself when it comes to committing mistakes. I always want that my first shot should be perfect which is definitely wrong because we all do commit mistakes.

… and now it’s time to hit the sack. Good night!

My book in accounting and finance 
My messy desk