One Piece Jumpsuit and Xbox 360 Kinect

 Me wearing the One Piece jumpsuit I got from my friends this Christmas plus the Kinect Calibration card on my face. .   My home made Kung Fu moves.. oh yeah Do I look sexy? Yes?  Xbox 360 Kinect! Played it today, it's not easy! Haha! I guess it's because of I'm used to Nintendo Wii's controlls. Xbox... Continue Reading →


My Favorites

I never wear make up except when going to work and party. I have a very sensitive skin so I must use mild skin products. Here are my favorites:   This foundation is really good. I love how you can spread it smoothly to the face without irritating your skin. It's quite expensive but worth... Continue Reading →

24th of December 2010

I've been busy this month because of my work and the preparation this Christmas. I'm so happy that I got what I wished for and for the wonderful gifts from my family and friends.I celebrated Christmas here at Saudasjøen. This is my first home when I first came here to Norway and it would always... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas

                                                             Just sharing my Christmas card 🙂 

Breakfast with Love

I woke up today with sore throat and cough and it ain't a good way to wake up but my hunny made a cup of hot chocolate for me (so sweet) 🙂 . 1. Hot Chocolate (no picture)Hunny: Here's the hot chocolate for my love.Me:Thanks 🙂 (taking a sip)Hunny: Is it okay? I think I... Continue Reading →

Winter 2010

Winter this year is really extreme. The temperature can go as low as -10 degrees Celcius here in Ålgård but it is not an excuse to just stay inside the whole time.

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