One Piece Jumpsuit and Xbox 360 Kinect

Me wearing the One Piece jumpsuit I got from my friends this Christmas plus the Kinect Calibration card on my face. 
My home made Kung Fu moves.. oh yeah
Do I look sexy? Yes?

Xbox 360 Kinect! Played it today, it’s not easy! Haha! I guess it’s because of I’m used to Nintendo Wii’s controlls. Xbox Kinect is all about moving, jumping, sliding with the use of  your body … etc. No controllers here! Perfect for people like me who wants to have fun while burning calories.

My Favorites

I never wear make up except when going to work and party. I have a very sensitive skin so I must use mild skin products.
Here are my favorites:

This foundation is really good. I love how you can spread it smoothly to the face without irritating your skin. It’s quite expensive but worth the money.

I use this compact powder to settle my foundation and keep my face shine free.

I use this together with my blush. The result is great and it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin.

Moisturizer with vitamin C and spf 30! I apply this everyday and before applying make up.

As you can see these products have one thing in common, the brand names are popular. I didn’t buy these because of its brand names but because of its effect on my skin. I’ve tried cheaper brands too but most of them make my skin red and irritated.
Some pieces of advice:
    Always wear sunscreen protection with atleast with spf 30 even if it’s on a cloudy day. Remember that the sun doesn’t dissappear! It is always there! The harmful rays pass thru the clouds to your skin and it increases the risk of getting fine lines at an early age.
   Du er hva du spiser (You are what you eat). Eat fruits and vegetables at least 2 times a day. It gives you the right amount of vitamins and minerals to fight those bad bacterias and infections and of course it gives that radiant look you’ve been aspiring. Beauty comes from within! Trust me. 🙂

24th of December 2010

I’ve been busy this month because of my work and the preparation this Christmas. I’m so happy that I got what I wished for and for the wonderful gifts from my family and friends.
I celebrated Christmas here at Saudasjøen. This is my first home when I first came here to Norway and it would always be my home. 🙂 Some of my friends from the other side of the world are wondering about how we celebrate Christmas here, well I told them that it is almost the same in other countries too. We celebrate it with our families and we eat together. After dinner we sit in the living room and talk while watching Christmas programs on tv and after that we start opening our presents.

Anyway, here are some of the pictures I took on Christmas Eve 🙂

24th of December around 1:00pm : My father and I went for a walk around Saudasjøen and met someone with these 2 beautiful dogs on the way. The dogs are really friendly and smart. I forgot the first dogs’ name but the second one is Iza.

This is the tourist camping place at the same place.
The dogs’ owner. I found him kind and compassionate to animals. I could see that his dogs love him.

An old bridge at Saudasjøen

A beautiful friday afternoon. Yes it was cold but who cares anyways?

 At the cemetery. Christmas is not just for ourselves but for our love ones too.

Found an old iron junk on our way home. 

Our terrace full of snow!

Ice cake anyone? 😉
Oh I forgot to mention that we open our gifts here in Norway on a Christmas Eve. As far as I remember we used to open gifts in the Philippines exactly on a Christmas Day!
Ps: For more photos you can just simply click on the pictures or go to: my site

Breakfast with Love

I woke up today with sore throat and cough and it ain’t a good way to wake up but my hunny made a cup of hot chocolate for me (so sweet) 🙂 .

1. Hot Chocolate (no picture)

Hunny: Here’s the hot chocolate for my love.

Me:Thanks 🙂 (taking a sip)

Hunny: Is it okay? I think I put a lot of chocolate on it.
Me: Oh it’s perfect! 
Hunny: Yes! Success! You’re not going to dump me!