Hacking and Vandalism = Same Shit

Mood: angryDrinking: water The Facebook account of a friend of mine was hacked today. The hacker deleted all of his contacts and applications and changed its name to something else! Not only that his email account was hacked as well. I feel so sorry for my friend and now I’m thinking of his security. He…

The Ant-Eater

The Ant-Eater by Roald Dahl Some wealthy folks from U.S.A., Who lived near San Francisco Bay, Possessed an only child called Roy, A plump and unattractive boy – Half-baked, half-witted and half-boiled, But worst of all, most dreadfully spoiled. Whatever Roy desired each day, His father bought him right away – Toy motorcars, electric trains,…

The Preparation

 I’m having a birthday party this coming Saturday. I have almost 30 guests now and that makes me excited. This party is gonna be my 4th big birthday party in my life. I had 2 or 3 when I was a kid and I think I had one on my 18th or 19th birthday. I’m…

Wall Art

We happened to be in Stavanger again because I had to deliver something to my buyer, then we saw these wall arts. Thumbs up for the artists! A cool wall along Bakkegata According to him it’s a “shitty wall”.

A Student’s Blah Blahs in Stavanger

Stavanger on a gloomy day Breievatnet Frozen water, but it’s not allowed to step on it. Except if you’re as light as these birds.. Cars and busses are important in the cities. That important 🙂 At the Stavanger Library I went to Stavanger Biblioteket on Monday to borrow the book for my Organization Theory subject….


I used to go to Zumba/ dance sessions before, but I stopped because it costs a bit and I had to save for something.  Since we got a Kinect last Christmas. I promised myself to buy these dance/ fitness games. I’m so excited to try it. 🙂 Disclaimer: The Kinect game photos belong to Lefdal.com