Friend of the Family

Mr and Mrs Horpestad. Friend of our family.

I used my Sony Cybershot digital camera here and post processed the image thru photoshop elements 8.0 . I applied a dramatic film look on the photo.

Review: Bosch Salon Professional Hair Dryer

Hair is the crowning glory of everyone. So we have to make sure that we know how to take good care of it and manage it.
Anyway, I have a thick wavy hair so it takes time to dry it especially in the morning. The hair dryer which I bought 3-4 years ago is weak and it takes around almost an hour to dry my hair and besides it has no diffuser so I could not have my desired style on my hair.
Good thing that my birthday was just some couple of days to go and my bf asked me what I want for my birthday. I said that I want a hair dyer with atleast 1500 W effect on it, a curling iron.. etc and guess what I wished for! However it was not my bf who gave it to me then since he wanted to give me something else. It was his family who gave it to me. I’m so thankful!

                      Bosch Salon Professional Hair Dryer ( the box and the rear view of the dryer with the ion button)                     

             Facts: (what is written on the box)
                   – 2000W effect
                   – it has a cool button
                   – soft and easy grip
                   -it has a professional AC motor
                   -ionisation for anti-static effect
                   -it has a difuser and a styling nozzle included

If you’re travelling lite this is not the right tool for you. This is not a travel hair dryer because of its size and weight.

I love the soft rubber grip and the switches. Better control on the effect.
 My verdict:

I really love this hair dryer. It is powerful and effective. Drying time is lesser compared to my old hair dryer. My hair got this fabulous effect too and I don’t need to go to a salon just to straighten or style my hair. Speaking of home salon!
Other than its size and weight everything is perfect! I recommend this hair dryer to everyone who loves hair styling, who are always in a hurry and for professional stylists too.

What are You on Facebook

Facebook is one of the best and most visited social network sites of the decade. It has surpassed Myspace and has been taking over some chats and email services. It is also the cyber rendevouz of kids, teenagers, young adults and adults. It has also gotten the abbreviation FB and whether you believe it or not, it is now a verb too! I could hear both the youngsters and adults say “Are you facebooking right now?” or “I’ll facebook you later!”

Being a gamer doesn’t make you look like a geek now. Facebook is changing the game view of everyone. Gaming has never been so fun with friends and besides you can play for free! All you have to do is to invite a friend to the game and if he/she accepts the invitation and voila! You can now start sending her gifts and ask her to join your quests. 

Anyone can connect and talk smoothly with friends, idols and families from the other side of the planet. Not just connect actually but participate in various events, social life and etc.

My Facebook Icon Pictures, Images and PhotosI’m glad about Facebook’s existence and how it makes my social life bloom. However I find it not safe anymore because of hackers, posers and you name it. There are some who abuses their skill just to see others profiles and gather information. I know that it is just easy to click the delete button but I think I’m addicted. My day is not complete without checking my friend’s updates and latest events. Geesh! Facebook is a drug!
A friend of mine told me that you can see someone’s real attitude by what he/she is posting on her wall. Whether it’s a photo, status or a film. I agree with her because I’ve seen lots of posts lately and I’ve seen different kinds of attitudes. 

These are the attitudes or lets just say the classification of Facebookers based on my observation:
  • The Emos– these are your friends who easily write, post status/photos about their emotions/latest happenings like how happy they are because of something good happened to them, how sad and furious they are because they got dumped by their lovers and etc. 
  • Haters and Plastics– these are your friends who never agree with anything you have posted or said on your wall. They never tell if they did not like something about you, instead they are spreading rumors behind your back. They can never accept the fact that there are people better than them too.
  • Attention Seekers– they are the ones who are trying to be cool and be noticed by everyone by braggging and writing false stories.
  • The Gamers– they are the one sending numerous game invitations to everyone. They don’t care about what others are posting because they’re busy playing.
  • The Copycats– they are the ones who are copying the styles of someone they think is cool. They are usually very quite or almost lifeless on Facebook but beware they have hidden agenda.
  • The Good– they are the ones who are just using Facebook for fun and posting pictures of themselves and does not involve himself on any gossips and intrigues. These are the true people,if they hate someone they say it loud. Most of them are beautiful (inside and out).
  • Marsians– these are your friends who almost never log in on their account because they’re simply not interested in Facebook.
  • Posers– they are pretending to be someone they’re not by making a false account of their idols or a friend.
  • The Reporters– they are always updated with the latest and most fresh gossips on Facebook.

So, what are you? 🙂

Getting Personal on Valentines Day

How’s your Valentines? I hope everyone had a great time. I did! Thanks to my dearest boyfriend. I can say that I’m the luckiest girl on earth because I have him in my life. He is so nice, talented, smart and not to forget that he’s really handsome and romantic!

This morning he made me breakfast, actually it’s nothing new since he makes it almost everyday to me when he gets time. That’s why I’m so in love with him. I feel so pampered with him. He always makes sure that I’m fine and happy.

We have been to Egon restaurant in Stavanger today and ate dinner there. I had beef entrecote and he had chicken and spareribs. The foods taste so good! No wonder that Egon is one of the best restaurant in Norway! I’ll definitely take my mom there soon.

Anyway, today is our monthsary too so its a double celebration today. 🙂 Love is definitely overflowing around us.