My Gyaru Look

I went for a gyaru look today. I don’t usually go with this kind of look on an everyday basis but after watching Bubzbeauty‘s video on Youtube, I got inspired and told myself why not try this too.If you’re wondering what a gyaru is, then check this out : .     What I…

Off to Read

  Alone in this row 😦  My messy desk. Well it only means one thing… I’m really studying!! 🙂   My blood for today 🙂  I found out that I work effectively with music on. (slow me) :p   The view from the reading hall.  Arne Rettedahlshus Lobby (around 6pm :))

Eos Saved My Day!

I sat on the library for almost 6 hours today after school! Long day! However it was not that bad… well except that I almost fainted because of hunger! Again for the 10th time, I forgot to eat lunch. I was really busy with my home test in statistics. I want to be finish with…

Another Cat Post

I was at my cousin’s place yesterday and as usual Ming Ming was there to pose for me. 🙂