Month: April 2011

  • Flensburg Trip

    Yes, we’ve been to Flensburg during the first three days of the Lenten season. We drove all the way to Flensburg from Stavanger! The travel time was approximately 9 hours but the weather was great so we had fun driving. We drove from Stavanger to Kristiansand on a Palm Sunday 12 o’ clock noon. Then […]

  • Raudvika Ålgård


  • The Break Up

    I’m still sad after what my friend told me about him and his gf. It’s really sad to think that his gf cheated on him after all these years. They’ve been together for like 10 years.  He told me that the girl got depressed and later he found out that she was keeping secrets from him. […]

  • Look Who’s Talking

    I don’t deny the fact that I’m a spoiled brat, but I do have good manners and values. I’m not carrying my own chair here. I’m just irritated by someone I know since I was in highschool. We didn’t go to the same school but a friend introduced me to him. I don’t know what’s […]

  • Wants and Likes for this Month

  • Review: Posh Overload Shop

    Summer is approaching so I’ve decided to buy a bikini set! So I searched and searched till I ended up on’s  (online) Shops. It is like ebay, except that sellers can customize their sites and they upload more pictures. I am not going to write the difference between the two here. Anyway, here is […]

  • My Spring Look

      Finally it’s spring! The temperature is beginning to be just right for me. Flowers are also beginning to bloom.  For my spring look, I opted for a natural but a bit shimmering look. I used a light shimmering yellow eyeshadow around the inner corners of my eyes to get that blooming effect and I […]

  • Happy April Fool’s Day Everyone!