Cooking Monster

I hated cooking when I was young. I hated everything that has something to do with kitchens and food preparations. I remember when I was 15 years old, my dad asked me to put a pinch of salt on the halaan (a type of edible clam). I refused to do it but he raised his voice on me so off I went to our kitchen… furiously. So what I did, instead of putting just a small amount of salt, I took 5 tablespoons of it on the halaans. My dad noticed it of course and he scolded me, and after … Continue reading Cooking Monster

Endelig er det Sommerferie!

I dag hadde jeg min siste eksamen. Endelig! Nå kan jeg jobbe, spille Tekken 6 og reise så mye jeg vil. Jeg har gledet meg på det. I juni skal jeg til Oslo og kanskje til København også, men jeg er ikke sikker for jeg har ganske dårlig økonomi nå og dessuten reiste vi til Filippinene i fjor og var der i nesten 3 måneder.  Don’t worry be happy. Jeg savner turen på Filippinene, selv om det er så varmt der. Jeg har aldri likt temperaturen i Filippinene, men jeg må innrøme at jeg savner den varmen nå i dette … Continue reading Endelig er det Sommerferie!

City Mission’s (Bymisjonen) 20th Year

The City Mission in Stavanger celebrates its 20th year today. Honestly, I’ve never heard about this organization before till my friend invited us to go out with them today. My friends’ company  is sponsoring the grill event at St. Petri kirke (church). There were free grilled food (mmmm…!) 🙂 and not only that, there were free concerts too!     Domkirka   Queen Elizabeth         Continue reading City Mission’s (Bymisjonen) 20th Year

17th of May

17th of May is Norway’s Constitution/National day. It is celebrated every year by Norwegians. There are parades and different activities from morning to evening. It is really a must experience for everyone who would like to feel and be a part of the Norwegian culture. How did I/We celebrate it?My bf, friends and I went to Sandnes centrum to watch the parade and went to Langgata to see what the sellers are up to. After that we went to a dinner party. My friend and her husband made a three-course dinner! The people’s parade (folketoget) The folketog consists of different … Continue reading 17th of May

Solastranden (Sola Beach)

Who says Norway is always cold and beachless? Don’t you know that Norway has beautiful beaches and fine sand too?One of the beaches here in Norway is located at Sola kommune(county) where you can find Stavanger’s airport. Sola beach has very fine white sand, that is why it is getting a lot of attention from both locals and non locals during summer or even just on a sunnyday. 🙂           Continue reading Solastranden (Sola Beach)