Month: June 2011

  • Money Box

    Again, my Tumblr ain’t working properly. Oh crap! Anyway here is the shot of the day. This is actually a money box (piggy bank).

  • My Fuku

    As I’ve said on my previous post, I’d be attending Desucon this year. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go because I haven’t received my costume on time. I got it only today even though my friend sent it to me two weeks before the con. So I’ve decided that I’ll go to the next con […]

  • Harbour Cafe and Bowl Review

    Harbour Cafe Stavanger is a restaurant with a small bowling hall and a bar. My bf and I were there yesterday to celebrate the birthday of our friend. This was actually our third time there and we never get tired because they have one of the best foods in town! Each of us had the […]

  • Letting Go of a Friend

    A true friend is someone who will never leave you no matter what happens. Distance should not be an obstacle for keeping the torch of friendship burning. You call someone a friend when you are willing to give a part of yourself to someone and vice versa.  Boys tend to test the water first before […]

  • I’m Currently Addicted To…

             ..Game of Thrones! Yep! You’ve read it right. I’m sure that I’m just one of the gazillion fans out there of this latest t.v. series on HBO. At first, I wasn’t interested in it when my bf was watching the first two series, but I gave it a try just to see if it […]

  • Point and Shoot

    Since the standard lens of my DLSR camera is broken, I have no choice but to use my point and shoot camera to satisfy my hobby.           Here are some of the shots from my point and shoot camera:     What do you guys think? 🙂

  • Negative Vibes

    Commuting is always a challenge for anyone going to work or school. It could be fun for some but for most it is annoying especially when the bus is not on time.   The Kolumbus bus heading to Sandnes centrum.  I have no complains in commuting. I actually enjoy sitting in a bus while listening […]

  • My Clock is Not Ticking Yet

    It is not easy to find a man who would do anything for his girlfriend outside marriage. Some men do not take their relationships seriously because they are not yet married. They are in a relationship because of boredom, sex or just for the sake of having a girlfriend. I asked my boyfriend one time […]

  • My Achilles’ heel

    Strawberry is one of my favorite fruits because it is rich in vitamins and minerals. Also, strawberries make excellent addition to desserts, cakes and shakes. Not only that, it smells really good too. I’ve been to the grocery last week and got delighted when I found this view. *.*drool* A small bunch costs 30 nkr/ […]