Money Box

Again, my Tumblr ain’t working properly. Oh crap!

Anyway here is the shot of the day. This is actually a money box (piggy bank).

My Fuku

As I’ve said on my previous post, I’d be attending Desucon this year. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go because I haven’t received my costume on time. I got it only today even though my friend sent it to me two weeks before the con. So I’ve decided that I’ll go to the next con if there is any. However, if not then I can probably organize one. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, here is my costume in its plastic. I bought it at Loki’s Haven . My high school friend is the owner and the designer of the made to order costumes there.

It cost around 1500 php (circa 35usd). Shipping (via mail) costed me 820 php(19usd).

costume fitting

Tada!!! This is me fitting Kagome’s fuku.

Do I look okay? :p hehe…

Harbour Cafe and Bowl Review

Harbour Cafe Stavanger is a restaurant with a small bowling hall and a bar. My bf and I were there yesterday to celebrate the birthday of our friend. This was actually our third time there and we never get tired because they have one of the best foods in town!

Each of us had the package deal which consists of one and a half hour of bowling and a platter of our choice and a cup of Crรจme brรปlรฉe.
We were 12 persons on the table and the 10(including me and my bf chose the 3rd one with pepper beef(tenderloin)!

While the rest chose the breiflabb (monkfish) platter.
After eating our dessert we started to play bowling.

And now for my verdict:

It is easy to find since it is located in the town’s center.
  The staffs are really good and customer oriented. We got our drinks right away and they always make sure that we get what we ordered for. The only thing that I did not like is that they did not ask us how we like our beef (raw, medium or well done).

 Everything is clean. Not just the restaurant but also the bathrooms. 

 The package deal is expensive and so as the single serving meals. It costs around 400 norske kroner So I don’t think it would be wise to eat there everyday if you’re on a tight budget. However the meat servings are big so you’ll always leave with a full stomach afterwards.

 We got very satisfied with the foods. The sauce is really good, the beef is really juicy and the fish is very tasty. The dessert is just right.

The pinspotter is slow but other than that the bowling experience is great.


 Harbour Cafe and Bowl is definitely one of the best nightlife places in Stavanger. I recommend this restaurant for everyone who wants to do more than drinking on weekends and/or birthdays.

Letting Go of a Friend

A true friend is someone who will never leave you no matter what happens. Distance should not be an obstacle for keeping the torch of friendship burning. You call someone a friend when you are willing to give a part of yourself to someone and vice versa. 
Boys tend to test the water first before they sail!

Sometimes, I don’t understand boys when it comes to friendship. They are great friends but when they are friends with someone whom they like, they use their friendship and charm to court the girl and when they find out that the girl does not like them as a lover then they would just give up both the courting and even the friendship.

Here’s a story:

Met a guy 10 years ago. This was not an ordinary meeting since we only chatted on YM and on SMS. He’s a tall, handsome and pale looking man on his late 20’s. I met him at a shopping mall near my place. I didn’t like the idea of meeting strangers but I got bored that time and we were chatting for almost a year already. When I first laid my eyes on him I felt something good and happiness filled me up. Gosh he’s a hunk, I told myself. After that meeting we agreed to meet again and as time goes by, we became good friends, best friends and we started to have a mutual understanding.

To make the story short, I suddenly got a boyfriend and it wasn’t him. He got surprised (I think) and he started to avoid me a bit for some reasons. I think it was because of my ex that time being jealous and etc. We still remained our communication and meetings. Then I had to move to Norway to be with my parents, so our friendship was put to test. I met my current bf now here and introduced him to my guy best friend as a friend via chat and webcam. Sad to say it didn’t go well and they started arguing.

Months later I got a new boyfriend and it was my friend who I introduced to my best friend. After that my best friend got cold on me and he seldom chats with me again.

Then some years later he got a girlfriend. As his best friend, I was really looking forward to meet his gf but I think that he won’t let me. He’s making alibi just to avoid me.

It hurts to be ignored by a best friend without any explanations or any warnings. Maybe I’m just naive that I only see the positive side of my best friend. But for whatever reason he has, I learned to accept the fact that he has changed and the only thing to deal with it is to let him go. He’s probably tired of me but one thing is for sure, I’m always just a call away whenever he needs me, ‘coz that what friends are for.

“We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere.”
-Tim McGraw

I’m Currently Addicted To…

         ..Game of Thrones!
Yep! You’ve read it right. I’m sure that I’m just one of the gazillion fans out there of this latest t.v. series on HBO. At first, I wasn’t interested in it when my bf was watching the first two series, but I gave it a try just to see if it is good as what my bf was telling me and he was right it is really AWESOME!
Now I want more especially the last episode! We don’t have a HBO channel so we always have to wait for our friend to upload the series on his server. I fell in-love with the casts and the characters they’re portraying. I also hated and cursed the antagonists (That’s how good they are! You’ll be carried away, I promise!). ๐Ÿ™‚
  So if you haven’t seen it yet, please do watch it! It is really worth your time. 

Ned Starks, portrayed by Sean Bean. He almost made me cry! Such a strong character!

The Game of Thrones t.v. series is based on George RR Martin’s novels. (For more info check Wikipedia ).

Picture source:

Point and Shoot

Since the standard lens of my DLSR camera is broken, I have no choice but to use my point and shoot camera to satisfy my hobby.

          Here are some of the shots from my point and shoot camera:


What do you guys think? ๐Ÿ™‚

Negative Vibes

Commuting is always a challenge for anyone going to work or school. It could be fun for some but for most it is annoying especially when the bus is not on time.

The Kolumbus bus heading to Sandnes centrum.
 I have no complains in commuting. I actually enjoy sitting in a bus while listening to my favorite music on my iPod. 
However there are some people who make my commuting experience into a hell. 
Disgusting Men
Two days ago, when I was waiting for the bus. There was a middle aged man who stood on my side. He looks like Homer Simpson. He smiled at me first, then I smiled back. Then he started asking me questions like where I’m from, if my bf is Norwegian and where I am going. I got really uneasy because I don’t really know him. I met him once before and he was not insisting like that till now. I replied him that I’m just going to meet a friend in the town. I walked away from him but he followed me. He kept telling me that he have been living in Norway for 20 years. Maybe he needs someone to talk to (I told myself), so I entertained him and tried not to look scared and sceptical. Then suddenly he started smiling and staring  as if as he was undressing me. It was getting awkward and I started praying for the bus to come. Unfortunately my prayer was not heard that time.. the bus was still late. Grrr! Then he asked me if we can take a cup of coffee in the town. Eeeew! Of course, I said NO THANKS, but he was still curious where would I go to if we’re not going to the cafe. So I just pretended that I haven’t heard him. The bus came, I let him board the bus first because I didn’t want him to see where I was going to sit and I’ve thought that I was in the safe zone, till he waved his hand and asked me to sit beside him! Everyone looked at me and some were even laughing. I ignored him and sat beside an old woman.
I’m not a cynical person nor someone who judges someone by his/her looks but I do easily get terrified by strangers especially old men flirting with young girls. Come on, there are lots of women to be flirted with. I was not the only girl on that bus stop. There are five other women on his age too but why me? Why us??

Anyway, whatever the reason he has, I hope that I’m just wrong. 

My Clock is Not Ticking Yet

It is not easy to find a man who would do anything for his girlfriend outside marriage. Some men do not take their relationships seriously because they are not yet married. They are in a relationship because of boredom, sex or just for the sake of having a girlfriend.

I asked my boyfriend one time about his thoughts on marriage and he said that he does not believe in it. According to him marriage is almost the same as cohabitation. The only difference is that in marriage the party agrees to undergo a ceremony before living in together in the same house and start a family while in cohabitation, the couple agrees to move in together without any ceremonies or rituals.

I wasn’t surprised nor hurt by his answer. I don’t actually care if he’ll marry me or not as long as he is faithful to me, that is more than enough for me.
 However some of my friends reacted negatively on this and they got worried about me. Even my ex bf is worried! (lol)  Then they even told me “Are you just going to let this happen? If he really loves you then he would marry you!“. Their reaction for me is normal and understandable since some of us came from a country where circa 80% of the population belongs to the Catholic faith. I told my friends that they do not need to worry for my sake because it is fine with me not to get married. I know and I can feel that my boyfriend truly loves me a lot. He was even the one who told me that no one has the right to cheat on someone even he/she is not yet married. People should not use the “I’m not yet married” excuse to be unfaithful to his/her partner. So I’m happy on how things are going on with us right now.

I do believe that relationships are tested not after the wedding but before the couples have decided to get married. If he really loves you, he won’t bother to look or talk to other women even if you are just his girlfriend. For him, being in a relationship is a commitment that should not be taken for granted.

I’m not saying that I’m against marriage here, my point is that getting married is a choice and any forms of cheating should not be tolerated just because he’s not yet married. Relationships are based on respect. Without respect any relationships (married or not) are weak like a building without a foundation. Without respect, it is difficult to trust your partner and likewise and without trust relationships will not work and not even marriage can save it.

So for those who are asking me repeatedly about when I’m getting married, well my boyfriend and I actually have no plans of getting married but we do have plans of having children someday but who knows what the future brings and if we change our minds someday, then we’ll probably get married! No problem with that.  

Vi har en veldig god tid!

My Achilles’ heel

Strawberry is one of my favorite fruits because it is rich in vitamins and minerals. Also, strawberries make excellent addition to desserts, cakes and shakes. Not only that, it smells really good too.

I’ve been to the grocery last week and got delighted when I found this view. *.*drool*

A small bunch costs 30 nkr/ 5usd

 11×2 layers of goodness! This shot was taken at Ica supermart in Sandnes.

My homemade dessert. Strawberry filled with lots of whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Bra for sjelen! 

Then last weekend, my bf, sister, a friend of my sister and I went to visit my friends in Sandnes. They made strawberry desserts for us too. ๐Ÿ™‚

Strawberry milkshake (consists of fresh strawberries, sugar, milk and vanilla ice cream)

Sliced strawberries with cream

Each of us had 2 desserts that day. ha ha! yes! We’re spoiled.

I think it is the simplest dessert to prepare. Since all we had to do is to wash the strawberries and take away the leaves. It is perfect for all kinds of events or get-together.
I’m addicted to it not because it is addicting, but because I’m weak when it comes to anything that is sweet and sour at the same time. So if you’re going to make my day complete, buy me strawberries.
How about you guys? what are your weaknesses? ๐Ÿ™‚