Hair and Facial Wash (The cat’s way)

For some of you who are following my Multiply site. You have probably noticed a huge number of cat pictures I have posted these past few years. As I've said in one of my post here, I am a cat person. Whenever I see one you will always hear me say "ohhhh... so cute". Anyway,... Continue Reading →

Kisses for Me

I'm a sucker for online shops.Seriously.I think it is because I don't have enough patience (lazy much?) to stroll in the shopping malls anymore and online shops has more product alternatives and cheaper price than at the mall. The negative part of online shopping is that you won't be able to try/test the clothes/products first... Continue Reading →

Blue Nails

 Moody Model by H&M One of the things that could spice up someone's get up is the nail color. So I'm collecting them now. I love how it compliments my skin color.

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