Good Girls Deserve Good Treats

I went to school today not because of lectures but because of an economic experiment with salary. 🙂 It was fun, exciting and a bit disappointing because I expected that I'd get a lot from it. The experiment has something to do with trust, investment, risk and reciprocity. In the end we got a salary... Continue Reading →

She’s not Fat OMG!

One day when I was eating dinner at a restaurant. I could not help but listen to the conversation of a girl and her sister on the table next to mine. They were talking about the singing program on the television. The child said that she wants to be like the girl on the tv,... Continue Reading →

Please Spread the Word

Hi everyone. Please spread this picture of this two mother fkcrs! who are torturing this puppy. They should be arrested and punished for this inhumane act. I just can't sit here and relax when I know that there are people who would hurt a harmless creature just for the sake of fun.If you know them.... Continue Reading →

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