Let’s Give it a Try ( A Geek Post)

In our fast growing world today, technology leads us not only to a new dimension but also to a new more convenient way of living. It has also changed our perception in life and how we should have fun. Most kids and adults today get easily contented if you give them a cool gadget like... Continue Reading →


Thank You So Much

From the very bottom of my heart, I thank ALL my family, friends, relatives, classmates, acquaintances and bffs for the warm greetings and fab gifts. I'm so glad I have you in my life.Again,Happy Holidays!!!God Bless You All

Let Us Help and Pray

Christmas is only less than a week away but I can hardly feel its spirit because of bad news from my best friends and also because of the disaster that striked my homeland, the Philippines.Last Saturday, typhoon Sendong hit the northern part of Mindanao(Cagayan de Oro and Iligan) and caused severe damage to the farms,... Continue Reading →

Some Lessons Learned

I've learned that...being in a relationship is not about me anymore....I just can't decide anything without asking the other half's opinion....it takes a lot of patience to understand his beliefs and principles....trust should be earned....the older a person gets, the harder it is to correct his/her mistakes....we make our own happiness....old people ain't always right....we... Continue Reading →

H&M’s Virtual Dressing Room

I'm so happy I checked HM's site again because they have lots of beautiful stuff there now. 🙂 Some of the items are on sale too! So go to their website and check! You can also try on the clothes virtually(how cool is that!). It is really convenient especially for those who doesn't have the... Continue Reading →

My Wednesday Addams Look

Last week, my bf and I were invited to a birthday dinner party. I wasn't in my usual mood because I was thinking of my exams, so I didn't bother about my looks too much than I normally do before I attend a party.I found my 5 year old black collared dress which I last... Continue Reading →

A Student’s Blah Blahs: The Gloomy Times

I've been feeling down for many months now. There are lots of things that needed to be done like bills, school works, exams and not to forget other factors such as anxiety, sickness and stress. As a result, I got depressed, frustrated and suicidal but thank God my brains are still working or else I... Continue Reading →

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