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RIP Pushy the Cat

This is going to be the saddest post here in my blog. Our beloved cat Pushy is gone. She was 12 years old. The vet said that it got cancer and the chance for it to survive if we put her to chemo is very little. So my parents have decided to put an end to Pushy’s suffering. It’s a very hard and painful decision for them to make because Pushy’s a part of our family. She was put to sleep last monday.

Rest in peace Pushy. We love you.

This picture was taken last Christmas Eve 2011


Now a days we are always preoccupied by our work, school, errands and/or worrying. They have become a routine and thus we tend to forget how to have more fun. Do you still remember when was the last time you went out bar hopping with your friends? When was the last time you travelled? Have you ever played in the rain with your childhood friend again? But before you answer those kind of questions, you should know or maybe take a recap of what fun is.

According to, fun is something that provides mirth or amusement. It means that it ought to make you happy. Ask yourself. Are you happy? If you are already happy, what can you do to have more fun -be happier?

I’ve been asking myself the same questions twice now. I think it is because I definitely want to achieve more happiness and have more positive outlook this year. Of course I’m considering the fact that there are obstacles along the way and one of the things that I can do to cope with those obstacles is to stick to the plan.

Psychologies Magazine UK has given us tips about on how to add more fun to our lives.

       Fight for the right to have fun- We all know that we have to be industrious and frugal if we want to live a good life but the good life we are aspiring do not just depend on working. Good life should be fun and as much as possible stressless. Take a break from work.

      (Write) A fun diary- This is not an ordinary diary where you write all your happenings or plan for a month or a year, rather a worry-free and enjoyable entries with only the fun activities you have been doing. For example, write about the latest movie you’ve seen with your hubby.

       Identify your fun blockers-  Being honest to yourself helps you to point out what stops you from having fun. Are you tired of your job? Maybe it is time to find a new one.

Play is as important as money and sex- Playing plays a significant role in our lives as it helps us bring out the positiveness in us and it improves how we portray ourselves to others, in that way we are attracting positive energies that fuel our minds.

To sum up, happiness is not just a happening or an event which comes to us. Happiness is a choice that we make and we can achieve it when we decide that we want it. And when I say decide it means to act. 

A Craving Satisfied

Sometimes I’m uncontrollable when it comes to food cravings. I just have to get it or taste it or else my mood would be badly affected. Earlier today, I’ve been craving for a mussel soup that I tasted last year. So after school I went to Charles og De Sandnes and ordered that soup, but they don’t have the regular one anymore because they’ve updated their menu. However, they still have a soup with mussels so I gave it a try and it tastes good.

  Behold the Creamy Green Curry Soup!

Served with halibut, mussels, coriander and ginger.

I swear this is really good! 

Charles og De in Sandnes
FYI Charles og De is a Norwegian cafe-restaurant which was founded by Charles Tjessem in 2005. The restaurant’s interior is very modern, service is great and the ambiance is amazing and food quality is a world class. What more can you ask for? 🙂

In the Fitting Room

I tried a sheer dress which is on 50% sale today at Sorbet. I think the original price was around 450-500kr. I was in the fitting room for almost 30 minutes evaluating the dress and my economy! and guess what I didn’t buy it! Lol. Nah, I’m just not sure if the dress fits well on me. I feel that the color doesn’t suit me well.

hmm… What do you think?

Should I buy this dress?
Haggard me. Stressed and without make up! >.<

White Thursday at UIS

Yay! It’s snowing again! I love the feeling of snow touching my face and hearing that crunchy like sound when walking on snow. I just hope that it won’t melt yet. 
Anyway the pictures below were taken at the University today around 2 o’ clock in the afternoon after our macroeconomics class. 



Monday Surprise

After my dentist’s appointment and shopping in Stavanger, we drove back to Ålgård to avoid the rush hour traffic. Luckily we made it on time. I asked my bf to drive to the grocery store to buy some food and when we drove into COOP’s parking, something catched our attention…

mega coop
A cygnet standing outside the store!
I’m wondering if it’s waiting for its mama.
The young swan seemed tame, but I was still very cautious. I don’t want it to peck me!

A Weekend in Sirdal

I spent my weekend on the mountain with my friends and my bf. The weather was great so everyone had fun playing with snow and me playing with my new baby(Sony nex-5). It was also my first time in Sirdal so this made our weekend trip exciting.

Friday: The Arrival

The neighbor cabin filled with at least 1 and a half meter of snow. 
Taco for dinner!
Can you see the view from our window? 🙂
Relaxing after dinner.
The following day, we ate breakfast around 10am and went out for a walk and to play. 🙂

Saturday: Out to explore!

Dogs flirting with each other.
The cabin of our friends.

DSC00431-Panorama ii
Sunday: Time to go home!

It’s sad to leave this beautiful place but I had to go… Till next time Sirdalen. 😉