Stress Relievers this Week

I noticed that my stress level is rising and I think it is because of school work but sometimes it occurs to me that I must be boring myself with things that I don’t really like to do. So now I told myself to take time to contemplate, relax and to stop making things complicated. So that is what I’m doing now. I’m taking a break from all the things that are stressing me out and I’m stretching my comfort zone. And when someone asked me to take care of his rabbit, I said yes right away because pets are … Continue reading Stress Relievers this Week

Walk for Life

Walking is my exercise now. It is the simpliest and cheapest form of working out. Before, I used to work out in the gym but now I choose to take exercising out in the nature because of my personal financial issue. Well, it is not easy for me to pay bills because I’m not working all the time and I’m also a full time student. This year I put my health on top of my priority. I told myself that we should start to take care of ourselves now to avoid chronic illnesses in the future, to increase our self … Continue reading Walk for Life

Celebrating Valentines with Filipinos in Rogaland Norway

F.A.R stands for Filipino Association in Rogaland. It has been established in 1987 to connect Filipinos in Rogaland. For more information about this organization, visit: My friend Michelle invited me to F.A.R’s Valentines Day Celebration at Quality Airport Hotel at Sola. It was my first time to attend a huge Filipino event here in Norway and I can say that it was really fun. I met new and old people, gained new friends and  met a couple of old aquiantances. I took my bf with me too and I’m glad that he enjoyed the party. Before the party started we … Continue reading Celebrating Valentines with Filipinos in Rogaland Norway

26 and Wiser

Hello everyone! I’m back again. I’ve been away for 2 weeks because I wasn’t in the mood to blog after Pushie’s death and also school is keeping me busy these past few days. My long term goal I turned 26 on the last day of January. It’s not that bad, but I feel that I should hurry up to reach my goals and dreams. Some of my friends told me that I don’t have to worry about my future because I have my parents to support me. If ever my future husband kicks me out of the house then I … Continue reading 26 and Wiser