Another Photoblog: Spring at Saudasjøen

The view from our terrace. Shot and edited by me. 🙂

No Kids for Me (atleast not now)

Being in your mid 20s is not as easy as it sounds. Yes there is freedom but there are also endless number of tasks that needed to be done and procastinating leads to regrets later. The environment seemed smaller and louder thus making your world a stressful place to live. Apparently the people around us…

Photoblog: Multitasking

Reading a book about the Vikings, reading the online newspaper and watching QI. 🙂 Oh yes I’m good! Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Photoblog: Visiting a Farm

The lambing season has begun so we headed to a farm today to see the new lambs. The farm is owned by a friend of someone I know and is only a half hour drive from Ålgård. The barn  The view from the barn.   The curious sheep.   The sheep running towards the barn to get…

Photoblog: Cool Stuff at Hageland Sandved

Since I’m not travelling this Lenten Season. I have decided to get busy to avoid boredom. One of the things that keeps me preoccupied lately is finding classic Italian/French/Baroque home and garden decorations for my mom. Fortunately, despite the very cold temperature outside, the sun is out. We drove to a huge garden store Hageland…

Photoblog: Raudvika in April

I’ve been walking a lot these past few days because of the great weather. My health is not the only one getting the benefits of walking but also my ego (Because I feel sexier!). Anyways, since this is a photoblog I won’t be saying so much now. 🙂 Let the pictures speak for itself! Enjoy!