Month: July 2012

  • Shades of Summer (a photoblog)

    Redcurrant (rips in Norwegian) Blackcurrant (solbær in Norwegian) Gooseberries (stikkelsbær in Norwegian)

  • Stavanger Gladmat Festivalen 2012

    It has already been a tradition for me to go to the annual food festival in Stavanger. Without this festival, summer is incomplete in Stavanger (in my opinion). This is the most visited time in Stavanger. Fortunately, the weather is cooperative unlike last year it was rainy. So I made time yesterday after my work […]

  • The Need to be Left Alone

    This may sound not me, but I always wanted to do things alone these past few days. I think it is because I am a bit stressed at work and I think a lot about my future. At the same time, I want to prove something to myself that I am a strong brave independent […]

  • Barcelona Spain: Day 2

    Second day was rather a relaxing day. Headed to Barceloneta Beach around 11am and stayed there for at least 2 hours sunbathing and swimming. We could’ve stayed longer but I forgot to bring my sunblock. The beach was crowded but we didn’t mind. The only thing that annoyed us were the sellers who kept coming […]

  • Barcelona Spain: Day 1

    Since we just relaxed and took the night when we arrived at the hotel, we were full of energy the following day. I admit that I was very excited to go out and explore the city. After eating breakfast at 9.30am we began walking to the metro station. Our hotel is circa 2-3 blocks away […]

  • OMW to BCN and the Arrival

    A week ago I was just packing my bags for my trip to Barcelona and now I’m sitting in front of my laptop, sick and reminiscing my short vacation in a very wonderful city. Time indeed is fast when you are enjoying what you love to do. In my case, I love to travel and […]