Life Threatening Experience

Taking a public transportation on a daily basis is not only good for the environment but also for the pocket. I always take the bus to school every day. I find it more convenient and affordable for a student like me. Well, I don't drive because I don't have a car but the petrol costs... Continue Reading →

I’m Writing a Book!

I'm currently writing a fiction book about a life of a young woman who is under a spell of her past. I still don't have a title yet since I've started writing the first 3 pages just last week. As of the moment, there are lots of ideas to break down so I guess it's... Continue Reading →

Holt Kirke

Holt kirke is an old church from the 1100s and is located at Vest Agder fylke. The church is primarily made from wood and it stands proudly on a hilltop in Tvedestrand. This is also the oldest building in the county.After our mini shopping adventure in Svinesund Sweden, we drove back to Oslo then to... Continue Reading →

A Night at Rica Victoria Hotel Oslo

Thanks to my girl friend Mrs Cee for booking me a room at Rica Victoria Hotel in Oslo. Not only did I get a very nice hotel room but I got 400 kr off! The hotel is located in the centre of Oslo, just a couple of minutes away from the shopping street. A double roomArrived around... Continue Reading →

A Hot Weekend at Brattholmen Søgne

Hello everyone 🙂 I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. Yeah I know it's Tuesday today, but I still have a week before the school starts so in short it's still summer for me.Anyway, I've been to a cabin tour and birthday party at Søgne this weekend. We're lucky with the weather, the temperature... Continue Reading →

Don’t Stop Me Now

Weekend has finally come and I could say that I've done a great job at work this week. Yes, I'm working again but only for a couple of weeks because it's just a summer job. After that I'd be on a short trip to Sweden. 🙂 Can't wait!For the meantime, time to relax and enjoy... Continue Reading →

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