Sunny Sunday in Stavanger

There are lots of things that I am grateful for this weekend. First is the opportunity to learn more from a mistake I made a week ago. Second is for the goodies my sister brought me from her trip around Europe and third is for the fantastic weather and for my new friends. 🙂 How…

A Big Change

I’ve always been anxious to changes. Sometimes it affects my decisions in life and as well as my health. I guess I wasn’t trained nor programmed to tackle the sudden obstacles that may come my way or it could be because I worry much about what other people might say about me or my choices…

Retro Sushies

I’ve been craving for sushi these past few days and no I’m not pregnant.  This one’s better, but I had this 3 weeks ago at Sabi Sushi restaurant in Sandnes.

The Wait is Finally Over

After two hundred years (err… 2 weeks)… I finally got my very own Skattelovsamlingen (tax law compilation) book. 🙂