Month: September 2012

  • Sunny Sunday in Stavanger

    There are lots of things that I am grateful for this weekend. First is the opportunity to learn more from a mistake I made a week ago. Second is for the goodies my sister brought me from her trip around Europe and third is for the fantastic weather and for my new friends. 🙂 How […]

  • A Big Change

    I’ve always been anxious to changes. Sometimes it affects my decisions in life and as well as my health. I guess I wasn’t trained nor programmed to tackle the sudden obstacles that may come my way or it could be because I worry much about what other people might say about me or my choices […]

  • Retro Sushies

    I’ve been craving for sushi these past few days and no I’m not pregnant.  This one’s better, but I had this 3 weeks ago at Sabi Sushi restaurant in Sandnes.

  • The Wait is Finally Over

    After two hundred years (err… 2 weeks)… I finally got my very own Skattelovsamlingen (tax law compilation) book. 🙂

  • Wordless Tuesday

    Sunset at Mekjarvik  

  • I am The View