Oh Pain

Last Monday, I was rushed (Well not exactly because I had to wait 45 minutes for help! Welcome to Norway!)to the emergency because of the excruciating lower back pain and abdominal pain. I do not usually whine but the pain is unbearable. Every single nano movement I took is a torture! The waiting time was horrible too, there were three to four patients ahead of me and there was only one doctor that time! The nurse whom I talked to on the phone said that I could come at 6pm and so that’s what I did, came there 10 minutes before 6 then sat there and waited. Waiting seemed like forever and I couldn’t bear it anymore so I talked to the nurse at the reception and told her my situation. She immediately assisted me and took blood samples, checked my body temperature and asked for my urine but the problem is I’ve already peed so she didn’t get any urine samples from me. After the tests I still had to wait for the doctor, so the tests were at the moment useless for me since I was still curling up in pain.

After 15 minutes of waiting  the second doctor finally came and checked me right away and his theory is that my UTI (urinary track infection) came back and this time it’s worse. He based his theory on my past record that for a month ago I was diagnosed with UTI. So he gave me an antibiotic prescription that is stronger than my previous ones. He also adviced me to drink lots of water and avoid drinking sodas and alcohol for a week (booo!).

On the brighter side I’m still lucky because I didn’t catch a fever because if I did then the infection has already gone into my kidneys and it means admission into the hospital and more pain.

Then yesterday I went to my GP he immediately asked for my urine sample and there the emergency doctor’s theory was confirmed, it was UTI again! I got frustrated because I thought that I’m already done with that but no.

I know it’s my fault, I love to drink cola, eat chips, and sleep late.

Anyway, I hope that the pain will go away soon. I miss working out and I miss Zumba!


Bok utstilling på Sandnes Biblioteket

Sandnes biblioteket er en av mine favoritt biblioteker her i Rogaland. Her pleier jeg å lese for det er ofte ledige bord, ledige studieceller og mindre støy. 
Siste uka var jeg innom og leverte noen bøker også tok bilder av bok utstillingen. Utstillingen har vært der ganske lenge men det var bare i forrige uka jeg fikk sjansen til å ta bilder av bok skulpturene.
Er det ikke flott? Gamle bøker ble til kunst!


Bokhagen? (sorry, jeg husker ikke hva er det for noe)

Wall of Knowledge



Bøkenes verden


Denne er favoritten min!:)

Fryktens tårn