Like a Virgin!

  I went climbing for the very first time yesterday and I got frustrated coz it didn't go well, I lost my grip and a nail bit :P. I climbed the mountain wall with long nails ( I forgot to cut 'em! >.<) . Oh well, at least I've learned my lesson... I'm no catwoman!... Continue Reading →


Cat-Oh-graphy !

Cats like human babies grow up so fast! I can still remember the first time I met Aki (this cute ragdoll cat of my friend). It was only a half year ago. She was just a cute shy little kitty and I could just put her anywhere without resistance.Yesterday I was at Michelle's place. She... Continue Reading →

Day 6- Write 30 interesting facts about yourself

30 Interesting Facts about MyselfI'm good at keeping secrets.I love mathI can speak 4 languagesI'm a good dancer.I'm a good billiard player.I'm a gamer chicI'm good in spelling.A good listenerI'm neat.I'm a cowboy.Flexible.Confident.I can cook good food.I have a piano keyboard.I can play bamboo fluteI can draw anime characters.I love to dress up.I hate being... Continue Reading →

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