Month: March 2013

  • Like a Virgin!

      I went climbing for the very first time yesterday and I got frustrated coz it didn’t go well, I lost my grip and a nail bit :P. I climbed the mountain wall with long nails ( I forgot to cut ’em! >.<) . Oh well, at least I’ve learned my lesson… I’m no catwoman! […]

  • Question of the Day: Should I make a seperate blog for food?

    Since I’ve decided to cut down my monthly expenses to 11.2 percent, I am now very careful of my economy. No more impulsive shopping and unplanned meals (avoid eating at restaurants and avoid take away)! But it does not mean that I have to cut down my favorite food. No! Not a single chance! I […]

  • Cat-Oh-graphy part II

    Yup, I’ve invaded her privacy again!

  • Cat-Oh-graphy !

    Cats like human babies grow up so fast! I can still remember the first time I met Aki (this cute ragdoll cat of my friend). It was only a half year ago. She was just a cute shy little kitty and I could just put her anywhere without resistance. Yesterday I was at Michelle’s place. […]

  • Day 6- Write 30 interesting facts about yourself

    30 Interesting Facts about Myself I’m good at keeping secrets. I love math I can speak 4 languages I’m a good dancer. I’m a good billiard player. I’m a gamer chic I’m good in spelling. A good listener I’m neat. I’m a cowboy. Flexible. Confident. I can cook good food. I have a piano keyboard. […]

  • Day 5- A time you thought about ending your own life

    Sometimes I find myself as a ticking bomb. Yes, I can explode in a snap but it’s a very rare situation so don’t worry. So what triggers the ticking bomb? Oh well, anxiety and depression in my case. However I don’t just simply explode when life gets so harsh on me, I always make sure […]

  • Day 4 Your views on religion (overdue post)

    Because of my super duper hectic schedule these past few days, I had no time for this 30 day challenge. So I guess I failed but hey! Better late than quit right? Though being late is not that good either. Anyway, today I’m going to discuss about my views on religion! But before that let […]