Month: April 2013

  • I’m Not a Girl, I’m a Woman.

    While at a clothing boutique today:Cashier: Do you have a discount card?Me: Nope.Cashier: Do you want one?Me: As long as it’s free, why not.Cashier: Okay, all you have to do is tell me your mobile number and you can get a card from me. Me: Sure. Cashier: Oh wait, you should be at least 18 […]

  • My Holy Week Vacation (overdue post)

    If for some people, attending the mass and visiting churches are their way of observing the Holy Week. As for me I prefer to do it out of religion contexts. It would be going out in the nature and disconnecting from the world. What I mean by the latter is no communication devices nor stuff […]

  • The Naked Song (is stuck in my head!)

    I love this song and the music video. It’s funny and the tune is addicting! I don’t understand why many  women got offended by this when their bfs showed this video to them. Yes the song is about sex and the guy is only physically attractive to the girl, but come on it’s a funny […]