An Anonymous Sender

After my exam yesterday, I got 4 mms from some Anonym (anonymous in Norwegian). So I checked the mms' one by one and I found nothing! Except for the last one. It has a very low "shhh" sound (ikr! creepy!). So I  checked my contact list to see if I have named one of my... Continue Reading →


It’s Just Me

Yesterday was the saddest (dramatic) moment of my life. I was crying nonstop for 3 ****ing hours! But nothing bad happened, really. It's just that my emotions were out of controll these past few days. 4 days ago, I was very happy. Then after that I was angry and the day after that again, I... Continue Reading →

A Taste of Summer in May

So what happens when the sun shine in Stavanger? ... Oh yes, we grill, play under the sun, and sunbathe!   Tasty chicken bbq and grilled corn by my friend. Chaos? Nah, it's just sunny in Stavanger. ¬†At Vaulen. My friend Brendan trying to look like he's drowning but for me he looks like as... Continue Reading →

Get to Know Me

1. State your name: Cristina2. State the name that your parents almost named you. None that I know of.3. Which of your relatives do you get along with the most? My mom and sister.4. What was your first job? My first job was a summer job in Sauda. I worked on a mountain cutting small trees.5. Did anything... Continue Reading →

My Dumbbell Set

I bought a set of dumbbells yesterday because I have decided to take my workout into the next level. Also, I am cutting down my monthly expenses by almost 11 percent, so yes I had to plan and to prioritize. Sadly my long term plans are a bit demanding, so I definitely have to sacrifice... Continue Reading →

Stick to the Topic

Sometimes, the reason why some people don't get the grade they wanted in an exam is because of their inability to answer the exam questions. It doesn't mean that they didn't review and I'm not saying that they don't know anything either. It's just that their answers to the problems are getting out of the... Continue Reading →

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