Typical Typo

Just want to share this short sms conversation with a friend, one night last year. I think it is funny and worth sharing. For those who can not understand Norwegian, here’s the English translation:                           Friend: Are you alright? You home now?                           Me: Yes I’m home now. Took the taxi driver with me.                           Friend: You took the driver home with you?   … Continue reading Typical Typo


  Last month I celebrated my birthday and one of the gifts I got is this card game Gloom. This game is different from my other games because of the main goal of this game which is sad and morbid. I have not played it yet but earlier today I got time to study the rules and the story. So I am going to play this with friends when I have time. The main goal is simple. Make your characters suffer a lot before they die and you win. I cannot wait to play this with my friends. 🙂 Continue reading Gloom