Philippines 2014: Makati Avenue

Whenever I go to Metro Manila, I always stay at Makati Avenue Makati City because everything is accessible. From fastfood, restaurants, transportation and shopping malls (you name it). At the same time security is good here since there are police officers and security guards almost all of the time.

I was here a month ago and I stayed at Traveller’s Inn during the first week of my vacation in the Philippines. Traveller’s Inn is a condo-hotel located along Makati Avenue and P.Burgos. This part of Makati is known as the Red Lights District of the Philippines because of the night clubs, bars and women.

A nice view of Makati Avenue from the condo-hotel.


The Cards


It’s time to play.

The game of cards.

Hit me one, two or please hit me three!

I don’t care if you win

but I ain’t gonna lay all of them.

Not because I’m afraid to lose

but because I’ve got nothing.

There is no use.

It’s the same shit.

We gamble, we bluff and we either lose or win.

My cards seem of no value to many,


I’m gonna stick to them.

Empty or not

because they are mine.

Only mine.