You naughty naughty lamp!

My friend and I went window shopping today and this one caught our attention.

Nothing to wear…

Behold my organized mess! Yes, that is the best I can do so far. I can’t believe my eyes. I have lots of clothes (There’s more under my bed!) and yet I only use one-fourth of it every week. I have to declutter my closet soon.

And the question is why.

Sometimes, I simply cannot understand some people. You helped them, been kind to them and loved them as your own family and yet they would just ignore you when you said hello. I am not even asking anything for return. I did not even ask them to pay me back. All I ever did was…

Sandved parken

Finally, the darker days are over. Brighter days ahead indeed.

Fargegaten Stavanger

Fargegaten or The Color Street stands out from the other streets here in Stavanger because of its colorful establishments. It is located in the city’s sentre and just less than a minute walk from Stavanger’s Oil Museum. Here you can find cafes, salons and shops.

Our World Needs Healing

My heart goes out to the victims of killings around the world. It is depressing to hear what humanity has become today- selfish, respectless, inhumane and cruel. I hope that we survive this trial and that people will learn the value of life. The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers,…