My take on The Daily Post photo challenge, Abstract. I took this shot right outside a boathouse one gloomy afternoon.

Earth Day Photo

Because it’s Earth Day yesterday, I’m sharing one of my favorite nature shots. This shot was taken two weeks ago during one of my hikes with Zorro at Åsane Norway. It’s not our first time in this place, but for me this is an achievement because I reached the place without a guide. The hike is not hard but I’m glad I did it on my own. I’m finally learning to trust my instincts and conquer my fear of getting lost.


fjelltur april 2016

What Baby?

Why is the women’s choice to have babies limited by time and age? Why is it acceptable for men to have babies later? I know! Unfair right?

I’m in my 30’s and I admit that I’m not yet ready to have babies. Don’t take me wrong, I  love kids but the thought of having one now is giving me anxieties. No, it’s not because of responsibilities. I’m not running away from responsibilities. I pay my bills and pay my student loan back. What I want at the moment is to get a full time job and some solid savings. I can’t see nothing wrong with living your dreams first and postponing having kids.

I felt sad that hubby thinks otherwise. I understand his sentiments. I’m in my 30’s and the chance for conceiving a child is lower compared to my earlier years. However, I’m not yet ready mentally. As I’ve said earlier, I need to do some things first. I do have a goal that I would start having kids by the age of 35. My hubby upon hearing this gave me a lecture about my reproductive system. He said that I’m getting old. But I don’t feel like I’m getting old! I told him that my cousin and some friends got kids at 35 and it went well. They didn’t have complications and didn’t have problems with the pregnancy. I get it. He wants kids and he wants to secure his chance of having kids. So I mentioned that adoption is a good alternative too. But I got another lecture as a response. Oh well, I’d take it as a no then!

My hubby and I are not yet done with this topic about babies. I hope we’ll come up to an agreement anytime soon.


My First Hike

Hiking is fun because it kind of gives you that feeling of freedom and at the same time it gives you excitement. Also, wherever or whatever mountain/hill top you have been to is always an achievement. It does not matter if you have been hiking for 6 hours or 2 hours. As long as you have enjoyed, struggled and conquered, every step is worth it.

My first hiking experience was during my sophomore year in high school in the Philippines. We had a field trip at Mt. Makiling. That experience was one of the most memorable I ever had because it was my first time to see a mountain in real life. For your info I was a city girl. I was born and raced in the metro. The only things that I knew then were the mall, school and home (Blame my over protective parents.).  I got speechless upon seeing the mountain from the bus and when we began walking on the trail I told one of our guides that in 14 years I thought that the paths to the mountains are flat (like asphalt roads) and I thought that it would be an easy trip all the way. So he asked why, I told him that I have only seen mountains in my books. He gave me that “you poor little girl” look and he said that he’s sure that I was going to enjoy the hike. And so we walked into the woods. It was alright in the beginning but suddenly I had to take a break. My feet were killing me. One of the guides checked on me and that’s how he found out that I was not wearing hiking shoes but a pair of 3 inch platform sandals! He scolded at me but we could not do anything because we were already half through our destination. I survived the hike. My feet were swollen and sore but that hike is unforgettable. I had mixed emotions, I was happy and a bit angry at my parents for making me look ignorant. Just kidding! It was my fault for not paying attention to my teachers during the school meeting.

field trip pinas
My classmates back in high school. This photo was taken by me. I was too slow that I was always left behind. 😛 But hey, if I wasn’t slow then I wouldn’t have this photo today. A blessing in disguise indeed!

After the trip, I realized that being prepared is essential to hiking. Needs weigh more than wants (and appearance). I learned how to prioritize stuff. So when the next hiking trip came I left my platform sandals at home.

This post is my take on The Daily Post Discover Challenge, Memory.


Around two weeks ago I was at an interview at a bank. The position was customer service employee. I applied for the position because first I wanted that job so badly, second it is related to economic degree and last the job would serve as a stepping stone in the economic sector.

I do not have any job experiences in banks, administration or the corporate life. I went for a three year course in economics at the university because I want to work in that field when I finish. I thought that with my background, it would be easy for me to get a job that I like and a job that would help me grow. But I am wrong, unfortunately the Norwegian economy is not on its top right now. As a matter of fact it is bad. Until now the unemployment rate is still rising and more companies are either going bankrupt or laying off employees. Some of the companies are also outsourcing their services to other countries in order to save taxes and labor costs. I did some research about some jobs here in Norway and I found out that one of the biggest companies within the economic and finance sector are looking for people who can work abroad for them. So it means that if I want to get a job within my field then I would have to travel and live abroad. It sounds good to me but in my situation right now there is no way I am going to move to another country.

Going back to the interview, it went well I thought. I told her about myself, I answered the questions with confidence and I asked questions about the firm and asked about their vision. Then the interviewer told me to wait for 14 days because she has other candidates to interview too. Deep inside me was this excitement. For the first time I did not feel any negativity in this job hunting game. The 14th day came and I waited for her call/message. It was already twelve noon and still no sign of her. Surprisingly, I did not worry. I remained calm and positive. After an hour I lost my patience so I sent her an email and asked if I got the job. It took an hour before she replied and when she did I got heartbroken. I did not get the job. According to her there were lots of really good candidates and it was hard for her to choose and she wish me good luck on my job hunt.

I reflected about the job application process, the interview and what could have I possibly done wrong. I asked myself. Was I overconfident? Did I miss something? To answer these questions, I need to go back to my application letter and CV. I read and evaluated them many times and they look good to me and then I tried to replay the interview in my mind. Did I say something stupid? Nope. But I have a theory, it is that I did not ask enough questions. I think I only asked three and that probably showed the employer that I may not be curious enough.

So yes, I have learned my lessons. I am still not over about it yet but I am moving on. It is just an interview not the end of the world! Besides I should be thankful that they gave me a chance to show them what I can.



Norwegian Landscape

Some of my friends ask me why I always have a camera with me and why I always take pictures of the place I have been many times before. The views will always be the same and the mountains will always be there. My answer to them is simple. I find the place really beautiful and it deserves more than one shot. For me a place or a mountain is never the same the next time. Also taking pictures is my way of showing my appreciation not only to Mother Nature but also to my senses.

The Photo Challenge last Friday is one of my favorite weekly themes since I love taking pictures of landscapes. Here is my take on The Daily Post Photo Challenge, Landscape. This shot was taken from Hitlandsbakkane in Åsane. This was my very first time to walk here during the day, so I was ecstatic to take a good shot from the highest part of the hill.