Month: August 2022

  • Business Idea

    So I’ve been thinking of this business concept for about a week now. It’s not purely mine because I got the idea from an article from BBC or CNN. I don’t want to reveal it yet since there are things that I have to consider should I go for it. Let me name a few: […]

  • Cheap, Sexy and Fast

    Decluttering my closet is almost a never ending story. I give away clothes that I don’t wear anymore but I also love to shop for new clothes. Then I feel a bit down so I have to cheer myself up by shopping for more clothes or stuff that I don’t need. My friend said that […]

  • Fashion Thingy

    Fashion Thingy

    I don’t usually follow the latest fashion trends because I have my own style which is “As long as I look neat” style. But lately I felt the need for a change and opted for something “I don’t give a F” look. It’s a challenge for me because changes mean that I have to go […]