Out of the Closet

Despite the amount of stress that I had this week because of the secrets, I feel relieved now that I don’t have to carry the burden anymore.

The Trip to Huldefossen

Again, I’m taking advantage of the sunny weather that we have here in the west. So whenever I’m on the mood for a hike or a short walk after my shift, I either skip dinner (eat only crackers) or finish my dinner really quick to explore new places around Førde. Today I drove to Mo…

If Only

If only the skies are always clear and blueIf only the day is longer than nightThen maybe sadness and despair take a step backPerhaps happy pills never have existed

A Race Against Darkness

One thing that I hate about autumn and winter days is the limited amount of daylight that we get. It’s very typical that we are always inside during the day because of work and we only have a couple of hours of daylight after. But that’s the reality of life-we can’t have everything. However, we…