Author: The Rebel Chic

  • The Trip to Huldefossen

    The Trip to Huldefossen

    Again, I’m taking advantage of the sunny weather that we have here in the west. So whenever I’m on the mood for a hike or a short walk after my shift, I either skip dinner (eat only crackers) or finish my dinner really quick to explore new places around Førde. Today I drove to Mo […]

  • If Only

    If Only

    If only the skies are always clear and blueIf only the day is longer than nightThen maybe sadness and despair take a step backPerhaps happy pills never have existed

  • A Race Against Darkness

    A Race Against Darkness

    One thing that I hate about autumn and winter days is the limited amount of daylight that we get. It’s very typical that we are always inside during the day because of work and we only have a couple of hours of daylight after. But that’s the reality of life-we can’t have everything. However, we […]

  • It’s a good day after all!

    I almost called in sick at work today because I was very tired this morning because last night the air ambulance woke me up and it took a while before I fell asleep again. You see, I live just 2 minutes away from the hospital where I work. So yeah, that’s the downside of living […]

  • A Sacrifice for the Dream Job

    A Sacrifice for the Dream Job

    We always don’t get what we wish for. It might be because it’s not the right time yet or it could be that life wants to teach us a lesson. Then sometimes our wishes get granted. We get what we wished for anyways but it comes with a cost because nothing in life is free. […]

  • Move it! Move it!

    Move it! Move it!

    Last week’s a good opportunity for me to fully recuperate from the virus and recover from the two parking tickets that I got some weeks ago, because of day offs. Then I’ve decided to be active both indoors and outdoors. Indoors is climbing/bouldering and outdoors is hiking/walks near my place. Since, the weather’s good, I […]

  • My First Board

    My First Board

    So, this weekend I bougt a SUP board from Aqua Marine. Now I have my own and I don’t have an excuse to not join friends and/or family whenever they ask me. The SUP board was on sale at Jula when I bought it so it’s a good deal given that the board can’t only […]

  • Fred og ro (din båt)

    Fred og ro (din båt)

    Norsk versjon: Den beste måten å tilbringe alenetiden eller fritiden på uten at det blir kjedelig, er å prøve noe nytt! Denne uken har været vært fint. Jeg er så takknemlig for at jeg fikk muligheten for snart blir det travelt på meg og når høsten kommer så blir det sikkert en del dårlig vær […]

  • Business Idea

    So I’ve been thinking of this business concept for about a week now. It’s not purely mine because I got the idea from an article from BBC or CNN. I don’t want to reveal it yet since there are things that I have to consider should I go for it. Let me name a few: […]