Priceless Dates

Whenever my bf and I are tired of playing games or just staying at home we always find ways to amuse ourselves. It means that it’s either we’d go out for a walk or drive somewhere else but since the weather last week and the week before last week was not that nice I suggested something different which is visiting museums. 
Anyway here are the pictures from the two museums we visited this month. 😀
Flyhistorisk Museum Sola
This museum lies at Sola, southwest for Stavanger.  

Address: Hangaren Sola Sjø, 4055 Stavanger Lufthavn

For more info click here.



Inside an old passenger airplane

Me trying to pose like a flight attendant

What’s the difference?

He’s checking out one of the fighter planes.

 This big thingy here is a spy camera!

“Oh yeah.. I got the bomb” pose :p

 Just look no touch

Who says size doesn’t matter?

And now for the secret weapon of Norway… lol

Aviation uniforms exhibit.

Tower controls.

Norsk Oljemuseum (Petrol museum)

Address: Kjeringholmen, 4013 Stavanger
For more info click here.

This was used to dig under the ocean floor.

I don’t know what they called this ship for, but all I know is that it has this “echo” technology used for finding oil in the ocean. After the research and getting the results, they would start digging for petrol.

A miniature of Stavanger

A miniature oil platform

Very detailed!


My bf sitting on a PTC. 
PTC is used for saturation diving.

Inside the PTC. I don’t think I’m going to survive inside this hole. 

This one is inside the life boat. I like it better because of its good space.

Me and the man in suit. It looks like it’s saying goodbye to me. :p

Hello telephone?  My hunny playing with the grandfather of cellphones today. 😀

Trying to look busy. 

A modern day life boat

I know it sounds nerdy but I find museums one of the coolest places for dates. You’re not just learning every time you visit one but also you are also making memories in a cheap and educational way.

Rebel Chic is Going Healthy

There are lots of reasons why we should live a healthy lifestyle. (I don’t need to write it down in this post.) However I just want to share why I’ve decided to change my some of my eating habits.
I’m a person who loves to experience all the good stuff. I believe that life should be treated so well that I eat anything that is good for my soul (aka tasty foods), since life is so short. But I noticed that I easily get sick these days and it makes my sleeping life complicated and hence my working life is harder.

So I made these rules for myself regarding what I should eat and what activities should I do.

  1. Buy and eat fruits instead of chips.
  2. Play with my Kinect games often, if possible.
  3. Eat dark chocolates instead of regular chocolates.
  4. Avoid sodas on weekdays.
  5. Make walking outside a habit.
  6. Eat a lot of salads.
  7. Drink lots of water. 
  8. Drink lots of tea.
  9. Exercise regularly.    
  10. Avoid too much salt.

A friend once told me that I don’t need to mind about my diet because I ain’t fat but then I told her that I just want to take care of my health. I think it is wise to do it now when I’m still young to avoid chronic illnesses in the future.

If you are wondering if I’m going to cut down fast food. Well my answer is no, but I’ll just lessen visiting Burger King or McDonalds. 🙂

Thank God It’s Friday

Friday is my favorite day of the week because it is not only the last day of week but also Friday motivates me to work harder. I think it is because of the thought that it’s weekend afterwards or maybe it’s my body system’s way of saying that I did great and I deserve a reward.
Anyway, after my work today, my hunny and I went to Kvadrat to eat lunch. I didn’t have the chance to eat properly this morning because I had to go to work.
We ate at Cantina Mexicana Restaurant . (You’ve probably guessed what kind of food they’re serving!) I usually order their chicken burritos but today they have new food in the menu!

I ordered spareribs with boat potatoes, corn and barbeque sauce.

Hamburger platter for my hunny.

After eating lunch, we went to Ark. We found out that there’s a sale there (hurray!). 

 Most of the English pocket books here are Stephen King’s. 🙂

 Classic books. I still love them!

The children books section
Then I bought some pampering stuff for myself at Vita
A cucumber flavored peeling mask. It is really good for the skin. My skin become very soft and smooth after ten minutes! Really worth the money!
Body cream for my very dry skin. 
Our plan today actually is to go to the town and go bar hopping but I’m exhausted and I want to give time to myself because I’ve been working a lot lately. 🙂 I guess I’m not the tough girl in the family anymore.
How about you? What is your favorite day of the week and why?

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

Fretex is Norway’s biggest shop and the major contributor of recycling which sells used stuff like clothes, furniture and etc. for a very low price. it is owned by Frelsesarmeen (The Norwegian Salvation Army). It is like a garage sale except that Fretex has its own shop. They do not just sell used things, they accept your old stuff as well, as long as it is still in a good condition.

Last Saturday, my bf and I went to Fretex with mom and my cousin. We took them there because they were looking for semi antique home decorations at very affordable prices. I couldn’t think of any other shops that sell antiques so we drove to Fretex Mariero and Sandnes.

My cousin browsing for some teacups

As usual he went to the book section!

These dolls gave me the creeps… I don’t know why..

Hva ser du her? traslated as What do you see here? This toddler book reminds me of my childhood days.

 Beautiful painting but it’s boring.

This was inside Fretex Mariero


This one’s at Fretex Sandnes

A classic figurine.

Lots of glass!


Another pair of dolls…

 This is the most beautiful doll in the shop but then it’s creepy!
By buying stuff from Fretex, you are not just helping Mother Earth but also the unemployed people.

My Thoughts Regarding the Oslo and Utøya Incidents

The incident in Oslo and Utøya shocked not only Norway but also the whole world. The mass murder which claimed the lives of 76 people was done by a 32 year old Norwegian man.

I first read about the atrocious incident when I came across Anderson Cooper’s Twitter account. I got shocked and worried about our friends in Oslo (Thank God they’re ok!) so my hubby sent them sms and asked if they’re doing fine. Then I called a friend and discussed our theories and speculated about the possible culprit for this heinous attack. The number one on our list were terrorist groups like Al Qaeda and asylum seekers who were sent/thrown out of the country but we’re wrong. The suspect is not linked to any terrorist group nor an immigrant/foreigner/asylum seeker but an ethnic Norwegian guy.

If you’ll ask me if I got surprised, NO I wasn’t, even though I thought of the terrorist first because any psychos or bad guys could be a terrorist. Norway is a peaceful country and Norwegians are wonderful people (no doubt with that). However like any other countries and nationalities, it is not 100% stain free. It just happened that the crime rates here are very low.

The problem is that we are being cynical about people based on their color, race or culture. I hope people would realize and admit their mistakes, set aside their pride and change for good because we are living on the same planet- we are all brothers and sisters.

Fakkeltog i Stavanger 25.juli 2011 

Photo Credits to Tommy Ellingsen and Stavanger Aftenblad

Stavanger Gladmat Festivalen 2011

The Gladmat Festival is held anually in Stavanger during summer. It is the biggest food festival in Norway and in the Nordic countries.

We went to Stavanger last Thursday (21/07) and watched the spectators, checked the booths and tasted the mouth watering foods.


I found Hellstrøm! FYI he is one of the famous chefs here in Norway.

Last year Gordon Ramsey was here.

Fashonistas in the town.

At first, I was a bit hesitant to go in that crowd.

This is the scene every year. Lots and lots of people!

Some people are so slow especially the ones with strollers. Geesh! Sorry to say this but I got irritated yesterday by the people who were stopping in the middle of the road with their strollers. I don’t mind if they have their kids with them, but please show some consideration for other people too.


Long  ATM queue.

We had to withdraw money since the food booths only accept cash.

Discussing what to eat.

Viking football players giving out loaves of bread.

A kabab booth

The grilled fish booth

Frying salmon



More boats=lots of tourists

One of the six cruise ships we saw yesterday.

The boat leaving for Bergen

Sushi Bar booth!

The weather was great and there are lots of foods to choose from. Unfortunately, the last day of the event got cancelled because of the bombing incident in Oslo and shooting incident at Utøya.

Tips for Getting Rid or Minimizing Acne Breakouts

Some of my friends were asking me how I got rid of my acne. Well it’s not totally gone,  I mean I still get one or two during my periods now but comparing to when I was in my teenage years and my transition to young adulthood, my face is a way better now.

My facial experience:
I was one of the many girls who really had a stressful teenage life and thus resulted to an acne breakout. I got insecure and desperate to get rid of it. So what I did I went to a facial salon in a mall in Quezon City Philippines and had an acne surgery but in that salon they called it “facial”. ( An acne surgery is a procedure which removes the acne lesions by using a needle or a small blade and is usually performed by a dermatologist.) 

Before the “facial” procedure they steamed my face first and then after ten minutes a lady in white sat just right above my head and started doing the facial thing and since I’d never been to an acne surgery before I got shocked that the woman’s going to poke my pimples with a needle. Take note: It was not a skin doctor who worked on my face.

Afterwards I checked myself in the mirror and I was surprised because my face was red and my face looked like a human version of the moon. It is normal after any acne surgeries but I was dumb and naive that time so it came as a shock for me. After a week my acne disappeared but it didn’t take long before it came back. I went back to the salon again and asked if it’s normal and they said it is normal but they had to do it again because it came back. And so the cycle continued. The acne kept coming back and in the end I gave up and stopped caring about my face.

Anyway, it is not easy to get rid of acne specially if the skin is oily and exposed to dirt. However there are ways to minimize it, either orally or physically. So it’s up to you guys on how you are going to deal with the problem. Mine was very difficult in the beginning since I was afraid to ask my family and friends for help. 

My friend felt sorry for my condition so she recommended me to her dermatologist then after a week my pimples were gone and my face was almost flawless. I also learned from my doctor that the “steaming” of the face and pimples before the procedure is unnecessary. Eventually it is just a waste of time and money.

Tips for Getting Rid or Minimizing Acne Breakouts
  1.  Eat healthy fruits and vegetables. – You don’t have to stop eating your favorite hamburgers or pizzas but you should balance your diet by eating the right kind of foods too because you are what you eat. The healthier diet you have the more your body can improve its immune system and fight the bad bacterias and infections in your body. Remember acne could be a sign that your body is not responding well against sickness.
  2. Exercise and drink lots of water. – Water cleanses our body and takes the bad bacterias out of the body when we urinate. And so as exercising, it doesn’t only makes us sexy but it makes us feel beautiful as well. Thanks to endorphins!:)
  3. See a dermatologist regarding your skin problems and do not self medicate. -Doctors know what to do in case you get an infection and they know how to treat acne right and they can answer your questions. It is expensive than the drop in skin salons but it is really worth it.
  4. Do a research. – It doesn’t hurt to be a curious cat when it comes to your skin. Before you go to a doctor or skin salon, read first about the clinic or salon to avoid misunderstanding and regrets afterwards.
  5. Have at least 7 hours of sleep. -Getting a proper amount of sleep will help your body to regenerate the lost energies and  take away stress that causes skin breakouts.
I’ve done all of these and it really works. I hope it works for you too.  🙂