I love cats!

Meet Pushie and Dikken. Pushie is the cat of my parents and Dikken is the cat of my friend Camilla.
They are both cute and cuddly. Pushie is 8 years old now and Dikken is just a half year or 8 months old.

Pushie’s serious here

Waiting for her love….

Hmmm… She doesn’t seem to like the photoshoot. :p

And now meet Dikken.

Smart, young and..


Gluten Sensitive

I met a small girl who is allergic to foods with gluten, like for example breads, cookies and pancakes. I felt sad for her because she wanted to taste the fried chickens that I bought from the store but then they were breaded. Poor girl!:(

Wake Up!

         A friend of my mom told me that their parish priest told her to stop going to other churches. The parish priest is ofcourse a Catholic because its in the Philippines. The priest told her that it is wrong to attend masses or to enter other religions church. According to that priest that it is stated in the bible. Then my mom’s friend asked the priest why, the priest answered “Because they’re Protestants and not Catholics”. What the heck is wrong with that? Omg!
 For me, I don’t care! For me there’s nothing wrong with that as long as you respect others religion. We should not judge others by their beliefs, instead we should be supportive. That’s our problem, we are very good when it comes to criticizing others.

Soooo Grateful!

I’m thanking all of my friends and family for the gifts.:) You guys are the best! Merry Christmas everyone!


What a relief! At last its Christmas vacation already! Im so happy because I got finish with my assignment. Now I could just sit and browse the Internet or play Sims 2. 🙂 hahahaha!