• Winter 2010

    Winter this year is really extreme. The temperature can go as low as -10 degrees Celcius here in Ålgård but it is not an excuse to just stay inside the whole time.

  • What’s Up With Me?

    I’m finally done with my philosophy home exam! Woohooo! I’m so happy that I just have to work so much my body can handle before christmas and new year. 🙂 When the next semester comes I won’t be able to work full time because of my school sched. Of course I’m prioritizing school above anything […]

  • In Stavanger Today

    I just got home and geeshes I’m exhausted! I’ve been in Stavanger this morning for an interview and now I just have to wait for the verdict. 😉 After that I went to the library to get the books I reserved on the Internet yesterday but its not available for the meantime so I guess […]

  • The Good News

    Finally just one exam to go and it is going to be easy since it is a home exam. I’m going to work with it after this. Anyway, I was at my job training yesterday in Stavanger and it was a success. I’m so happy to announce that I am officially working again. It’s been […]

  • Lia

    Introducing Lia.Lia is my friend Richelle’s dog. It’s a Tibetan terrier and it’s really cute. It’s just 2 months old.:) Still a pup! Me and Lia

  • Cold Sunny Day

    If there’s one thing I hate about living in Norway is the very very cold weather. It makes my skin itch of dryness and makes me sleepy all the time like a Snorlax. Good thing that it’s not raining. Gosh, I can sleep like 16 hours straight these days but it’s bad for the health. […]

  • A Healthy Alternative

  • Got yah!

      Guilty or not?

  • Norwegian Kid Singing Gummy Bears

    My 5 year old nephew singing Gummy Bears. 🙂