• Wish Granted and Accounting

    I’m so happy today. The thing that I was praying and wishing for these past few days has finally come true. Now I’m very motivated to do something big and to anticipate even bigger things. Of course I want to thank God for the strength, my family for the support and my hunny for spoiling […]

  • "Bussing" in Stavanger

    I took the bus today from school and since it was boring I filmed it using my Nokia 6700 slide phone. I’m actually happy with the outcome of the video.   Related videos: Ducks at Ålgård  Ålgård Too Ålgård

  • Cat Glow

    Found this cat on my way home. It was a bit shy but it did not run away when I took a picture.:) Shot this using my camera phone.

  • Is That You Babe?

      I’ve been checking my Tumblr for a while when someone posted a picture of this pig. It’s really cute but the thing that caught my attention is the innocent looks and how powerful the picture is, that it makes your heart melt and say “oooohhhh”. Is this gonna be the next Babe? 🙂 Photo […]

  • Norway

    Sauda Norway by Cristina Lacsamana I received a call from my mom around 9pm yesterday when we were driving around the town. She asked me if I was online on the Internet and when I said no she insisted that I should do it later when I get home. I asked her why and she […]

  • Photoblog Challenge

    My friend Kimy came up with the Photoblog Challenge game on our Facebook! Our goal, each of us has to post one picture a day based on the given theme. Since we’re not living on the same continent (we’re scattered around the planet!), this would be somehow our way of updating each other. How many […]

  • For Ladies Only

    One of the things I hate about being a girl is that we get menstruation. I hate it so much that I wanted to be a man every time my period comes. It’s a burden in every girls life. I have a friend who told me that I could get rid of it for a […]

  • Happy Halloween!

    I remember our halloween celebration last year. We were at my sister’s place in Stavanger. Had party with diner and games. Sigh* How I missed that! I miss the party even though some freaks stole my bag with my party dress, money and ipod charger in it! :s How about the halloween this year? Yes […]

  • Donald Duck and Friends

    We took a tour at a small lake at Ålgård today to feed these cute creatures. 🙂 Can you tell which ones are the female ducks and which are the male ones? I think they didn’t like my camera… My bf feeding the ducks. That’s me trying to lure the ducks to come to me. […]