Life Threatening Experience

Taking a public transportation on a daily basis is not only good for the environment but also for the pocket. I always take the bus to school every day. I find it more convenient and affordable for a student like me. Well, I don’t drive because I don’t have a car but the petrol costs would eat my weekly allowance and even if I had one, I’m still choosing the bus as a means for transportation. However sometimes I wished that I have one because I can’t help myself from almost dying once in a while when taking a bus!

This morning when I was on my way to the university, the bus seats were occupied except the seat beside me. So a woman around 40 took the seat and there the torture began! In the name of the holy cow she smells horrible, you know the combination of not taking a bath for a year and shit loads of perfumes-yes that’s the smell. The malodorous smell is so strong that it almost made me think that I might not get to school alive and that I should’ve used the emergency hammer and crushed the window and jumped off the bus and spit my lungs out in order to breathe. It also made me think that a biochemical warfare is going on or the bus has turned into a gas chamber. But seriously I also tried to focus my attention to other stuff like music and day dreaming and it didn’t work! The least I could do is to concentrate on not to vomit in the bus and hope that the woman will hop off the bus right away but no she didn’t. It turns out that she’s going to the university too! My lucky day… not!

What have I done?


Negative Vibes

Commuting is always a challenge for anyone going to work or school. It could be fun for some but for most it is annoying especially when the bus is not on time.

The Kolumbus bus heading to Sandnes centrum.
 I have no complains in commuting. I actually enjoy sitting in a bus while listening to my favorite music on my iPod. 
However there are some people who make my commuting experience into a hell. 
Disgusting Men
Two days ago, when I was waiting for the bus. There was a middle aged man who stood on my side. He looks like Homer Simpson. He smiled at me first, then I smiled back. Then he started asking me questions like where I’m from, if my bf is Norwegian and where I am going. I got really uneasy because I don’t really know him. I met him once before and he was not insisting like that till now. I replied him that I’m just going to meet a friend in the town. I walked away from him but he followed me. He kept telling me that he have been living in Norway for 20 years. Maybe he needs someone to talk to (I told myself), so I entertained him and tried not to look scared and sceptical. Then suddenly he started smiling and staring  as if as he was undressing me. It was getting awkward and I started praying for the bus to come. Unfortunately my prayer was not heard that time.. the bus was still late. Grrr! Then he asked me if we can take a cup of coffee in the town. Eeeew! Of course, I said NO THANKS, but he was still curious where would I go to if we’re not going to the cafe. So I just pretended that I haven’t heard him. The bus came, I let him board the bus first because I didn’t want him to see where I was going to sit and I’ve thought that I was in the safe zone, till he waved his hand and asked me to sit beside him! Everyone looked at me and some were even laughing. I ignored him and sat beside an old woman.
I’m not a cynical person nor someone who judges someone by his/her looks but I do easily get terrified by strangers especially old men flirting with young girls. Come on, there are lots of women to be flirted with. I was not the only girl on that bus stop. There are five other women on his age too but why me? Why us??

Anyway, whatever the reason he has, I hope that I’m just wrong.