• Too Young for this

    Too Young for this

    One thing that I really want these days is a good night sleep. It’s hard to get at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep because I’m still bothered by what the doctor told me for almost two weeks now. I’m not going to say more about the test result and what the diagnosis is, but […]

  • Working Weekend

    Working Weekend

    This weekend is my very first working weekend this new year and first working weekend in my three month old job. It is also the first time that I’m spending weekend away from my little one so it’s a bit emotional because I miss her. But this is the reality of working in the hospital- […]

  • Back to Painting!

    Back to Painting!

    It’s been a decade since I last painted something on a canvas. So it’s actually really a good feeling when I got my new painting materials. I’m not that good when it comes to mixing colors but there’s Youtube so I’ll learn. 🙂 I started with painting the canvas black with acrylic paint. Actually my […]

  • Alone but not lonely

    Today’s my very first evening shift at my new job. It went well despite of the feeling of exhaustion eventhough I had an 8 hour sleep last night. I feel that I never get enough sleep no matter how long or short I sleep and I think it’s because I’m feeling anxious about the future […]

  • The Punishment

    I was 15 minutes late at the gym yesterday and because of the that my personal trainer “punished” me. Instead of the regular exercises, I had to do a very effective workout program in just max 35 minutes because my PT had an appointment afterwards. So, I had a high intensity workout that is also […]

  • One of those days.

    One of those days.

    No matter how careful you are, sh*t can still happen. I can still remember when my car slid off the road because of the snow/ice last Sunday. I was shaken and scared. I thought that I won’t be able to get back on track again. Luckily, my car made it and I moved on without […]

  • Getting Married

    In my age I still get excited whenever I hear family/friends who are about to get married. I guess it’s because I can feel what they feel. Pure love is radiating from them and it’s making me happy eventhough I’m not the one who got engaged. I’ve attended quite a number of weddings before both […]

  • Self Care

    Self Care

    Today was hectic day at work. The flu season is here and there were patients infected with Covid-19 so we have to put on protective suits, mask and gloves for protection which takes time. However, time was fast today and I got surprised when I checked the time- it was almost the end of my […]

  • Bad Habits

    Bad habits are part of our lives. We are human beings that are inclined to do things that seem to be good in the short run but could also have a negative effect on ourselves, family and/or friends. Example of bad habits are excessive use of smartphones, smoking, excessive alcolhol drinking and many more. While […]