• Cheap, Sexy and Fast

    Decluttering my closet is almost a never ending story. I give away clothes that I don’t wear anymore but I also love to shop for new clothes. Then I feel a bit down so I have to cheer myself up by shopping for more clothes or stuff that I don’t need. My friend said that […]

  • Fashion Thingy

    Fashion Thingy

    I don’t usually follow the latest fashion trends because I have my own style which is “As long as I look neat” style. But lately I felt the need for a change and opted for something “I don’t give a F” look. It’s a challenge for me because changes mean that I have to go […]

  • Paint it with Magic Dust

    Paint it with Magic Dust

    Summer is the perfect time to be outside and do things that needed to be done when it’s warm and dry. A couple of years ago, I’ve already thought of freshing up my daughter’s playhouse because kids love to play and at the same time her playhouse needed some tlc. However, because of procrastination, the […]

  • Luxury


    Sometimes, a bit of luxury is necessary. Like for instance an eight hour sleep. It’s not always possible to get it specially when there’s a kid(s) at home. Then on the night before the flight, we only slept for only 3 hours because we had to be at the airport 2 hours before the flight. […]

  • Off to Somewhere Warm and Sunny

    Off to Somewhere Warm and Sunny

    My vacation starts today. Glad that I took some vacation days from work. I must admit that I really need this. Today, we took an early flight and it’s my child’s first vacation abroad. I’m glad that everything went well on the flight-no tantrums. 😁 Anyway, I’m looking forward to more memories and uhmm more […]

  • Hard to Find

    Hard to Find

    It’s been three weeks since I last combed my thick long wavy hair. It’s not that I’m lazy but I lost my good old Body Shop comb, unfortunately. But the good thing is that I started to just stop caring about how people think about my looks and the best thing is that I don’t […]

  • New Babies

    New Babies

    I got these beautiful plants last weekend and I can say that these made me happy. And still is making me happy! I can’t wait to see them grow. 🙂

  • Another First Time

    Another First Time

    Another achievement for me last week! Trying the SUP board for the first time. It felt really good to finally try it. It wasn’t bad but I admit that I got nervous. Losing control of the board kinda freaked me out. Sometimes I’m not sure anymore what makes me afraid because anything can be a […]

  • Therapeutic


    You don’t have to have a green thumb to enjoy the benefits of planting. Just being outside of your house and having access to a garden reduces anxiety, stress and mental fatigue and can also improve concentration. All you need is a dash of sunshine, healthy soil, pots or a portion of your garden, garden […]