Cosplay (Updated)

This is my take on this week’s The Daily Post photo challenge, Life Imitates Art. Cosplay in my opinion is one of the living proofs of the theme this week. This shot of  my friend cosplaying Kikyo (From Inuyasha) was taken in 2014 in Manila during my four week vacation. I myself is a big…

Kikyo and Sesshomaru Cosplay Shoot

My friends cosplaying Kikyo and Sesshomaru from the anime series Inuyasha.  Shot by me. 🙂 I did some minor adjustments to the exposure and sharpness on Lightroom 5.4.  

My Fuku

As I’ve said on my previous post, I’d be attending Desucon this year. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go because I haven’t received my costume on time. I got it only today even though my friend sent it to me two weeks before the con. So I’ve decided that I’ll go to the next con…

K-on Coat and Skirt

My friend is selling a K-on costume set (coat and skirt) for only 21 USD! The price is really good and the quality as well. You can check her shop here for more info.

Excited for Desucon!

Yay! Summer is approaching and it only means one thing! Desucon is coming! Yes this time I’ll be attending the event on June 25 and 26 in Oslo and I’ll cosplay as Kagome of Inuyasha! 🙂 My bestfriend Kimy of Loki’s Haven is going to make my costume. I’m so excited, because this will be…