Captain Planet

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Oh. My. Zeus.

  It was in February of 2010 when I visited Rome. I immediately fell in love with the city because of its charm. And most of all I got to tick off a box on my bucket list. Ever since I was small, I love going to churches, museums, and galleries. I find it more…

Trapped Inside

I never thought that a time would come that I would fear for my life. This was a new phenomenon to me. Should I seek help from the people around me or just pretend that I’m a brave woman? Deep inside I was shouting for help. I thought that I’d drown in my own thoughts….

Take me to the 1970s

  Neil Sedaka is one of my favorite artists from the ’70s. Not only he is a good singer but also he is a good composer. I’ve been a fan since I was small. His music is not just a music to my ears but to my soul. This post is my take on The…

The biggest obstacle of them all: Procrastination

If there’s one thing I shouldĀ never do again, it is delaying to changeĀ the bedsheets. Last night my skin got rashes and it was itchy. I tried not to scratch because I don’t want to make it worse but I couldn’t help it. I scratched my skin and thought that after that I could just sleep….

Past, Present and Future (I’m Confused!)

Daily PromptĀ : One-Way StreetĀ Congrats! Youā€™re the owner of a new Ā TIME MACHINE. The catch? It comes in two models, each travelingĀ one way only: the past OR the future. Which do YOU CHOOSE, and why? If I had a time machine that would take me to either the past or the future, I think that I…

Scarred For Life

Life has never been fair to us. Dreadful things could happen to us anytime. Whether we like it or not, some things are almost impossible to leave behind. Experiences whether good or bad never leave without a trace, but most of the time it is the bad that still remains in our minds and shape…

Daily Prompt: She (The Neighbor) Drives Me Crazy

I’m not a morning person. I love to sleep the whole day whenever I have a day off Ā from work but I don’t mind waking up early for the sake of work, errands and travels. However waking up before the alarm clock rings annoys me. Grr! I need that hour, minute and seconds of sleep….