Struggles of Having a Dog at Home Part 2: Your dog can take over your couch.

Zita will be staying here with us for a couple of weeks. She came here yesterday and was happy to see her bf Zorro again. She’s a gentle and good dog and also loud because she barks quite a lot.

Anyway, I took this shot of her this morning before I had my breakfast. I usually sit right on the same spot but she took over. She won’t go. Oh well, she’s our guest after all.

“I’m your guest for for two weeks. So I’m occupying your sofa. Get it?”

Struggles of Having a Dog at Home Part 1: The Puppy Eyes

I hate to admit this but I’m quite weak when it comes to dogs giving me puppy eyes. Well, I don’t give him treats every time he looks at me like that but it’s just painful for me to ignore him.

“I’ve been hungry for like 60 minutes now! Feed me please.. Pretty please..”