Where are you from?

This is the number one question that I get from people that I meet for the first time. When I first came to Norway, I did not mind people asking me questions. I understand that some people are just curious types. I do not talk too much to people that I just met. In short, I am a... Continue Reading →

Swan Lake

Last weekend we were at my friend's wedding and since the reception is a bit far from where I live, we've decided to rent a hotel room in Sandnes for one night. We could have also taken the cab home but the taxi fare would cost the same as the hotel room rate. Anyway, the... Continue Reading →

Norwegian Constitution Day

Or 17.mai as we call it here is Norway's biggest event. On the same day in 1814, the Constitution was signed in Eidsvoll and this year marks the 200th year of having its very own constitution. Every year, 17.mai is celebrated by long parades and numerous festivities. People wear their national costumes and wave the... Continue Reading →

The Ant-Eater

The Ant-Eaterby Roald DahlSome wealthy folks from U.S.A.,Who lived near San Francisco Bay,Possessed an only child called Roy,A plump and unattractive boy -Half-baked, half-witted and half-boiled,But worst of all, most dreadfully spoiled.Whatever Roy desired each day,His father bought him right away -Toy motorcars, electric trains,The latest model aeroplanes,A colour television-set,A saxophone, a clarinet,Expensive teddy-bears that... Continue Reading →

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