If Only

If only the skies are always clear and blueIf only the day is longer than nightThen maybe sadness and despair take a step backPerhaps happy pills never have existed

Please release me Facebook

Numerous attempts has been made A decision has been made Once again, I am leaving. This time, for good. But how come you keep showing up? I have already burned bridges. Why is it that my friends, family and institutions are pulling me back to you? Am I stuck? Is there no hope? Is it…

Till we meet again

I can still remember the very first time I met you It was love at first sight. Definitely. You accepted me for who I am My flaws didn’t bother you We got along right away You became my buddy, my bestfriend and most and foremost, a family I want to thank you for the great…

Don’t Date a Healthcare Worker

If you want to see that ring on her finger at all times. If you don’t want her to work in the weekends, shifts and holidays. If you think she has a messy hair. If you find her plain and boring. If you hate her job. If you think her salary is low.


It started with a pinecone. Then there came the twig. And then another pinecone. And another pinecone More pinecones! and baby pinecones! Stones were also added I see Plus a small piece of wood and another piece of tree. Then one afternoon I asked her if I can throw these away. She replied, “No mama,…

The Favorite One

She was the muse. He asked her to sit beside him and he told her that the seat is only for her. So she sat on that seat. In the morning and in the afternoon. You see, he kept his promise that she is the muse. The muse of the trips and the muse of…

Choices (a Haiku)

Where to go right now? Left or right I can’t decide Life’s choices. Not easy.

The Cards

Now. It’s time to play. The game of cards. Hit me one, two or please hit me three! I don’t care if you win but I ain’t gonna lay all of them. Not because I’m afraid to lose but because I’ve got nothing. There is no use. It’s the same shit. We gamble, we bluff…

A Steel

A steel could last a lifetime. It is proud, beautiful and has the strength and can bear almost anything. Except for rust. If you want the steel to remain rust free, take good care of it, clean, wipe and polish before it is too late.