The Last Resort. Another Haiku

The ladder into the deep. Image by the author, me.

You make me fall deep

But I don’t want to fall deep

You’re the last resort.

The Favorite One

She was the muse.

He asked her to sit beside him

and he told her that the seat is only for her.

So she sat on that seat. In the morning

and in the afternoon.

You see, he kept his promise that she is the muse. The muse

of the trips and the muse of the bus.

She was the favorite one. She was happy to see the world on the front seat.

Then he told her to keep a secret from her parents or else she would

lose her throne.

And then he did it and she did not have any idea…

She was only 6 years old.


This is my take on The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt. Muse.

The Cards


It’s time to play.

The game of cards.

Hit me one, two or please hit me three!

I don’t care if you win

but I ain’t gonna lay all of them.

Not because I’m afraid to lose

but because I’ve got nothing.

There is no use.

It’s the same shit.

We gamble, we bluff and we either lose or win.

My cards seem of no value to many,


I’m gonna stick to them.

Empty or not

because they are mine.

Only mine.

A Steel

A steel could last a lifetime.

It is proud, beautiful and has the strength and can bear almost anything.


for rust.

If you want the steel to remain rust free,

take good care of it,

clean, wipe and polish

before it is too late.