Mens jeg venter på bussen

Tar bilde av denne plakaten her mens jeg venter tålmodig på bussen. 

Off to Read

  Alone in this row 😦  My messy desk. Well it only means one thing… I’m really studying!! 🙂   My blood for today 🙂  I found out that I work effectively with music on. (slow me) :p   The view from the reading hall.  Arne Rettedahlshus Lobby (around 6pm :))

Cold Sunny Day

If there’s one thing I hate about living in Norway is the very very cold weather. It makes my skin itch of dryness and makes me sleepy all the time like a Snorlax. Good thing that it’s not raining. Gosh, I can sleep like 16 hours straight these days but it’s bad for the health….