Monochrome Series 1: Moods do not lie.

Blue skies, green fields and one happy weiner dog. I got nothing to complain but my mood says otherwise.  

Kill Them with Kindness

If you’re living in the countryside, expect that you won’t be able to see your neighbors every day because of the distance between their house and yours. Well unless you pay them a visitor of course, but it depends if you have the time. Yesterday, the dog and I went for a walk. Took the…

When Sandman Visits

I was just away for a minute to get the camera. Then, when I came back I saw him sleeping soundly already. Geesh! Sandman’s fast! I can’t compete…

Close Up

A wiener dog’s (Dachshund) paw. My take on The Daily Post photo challenge. Close up. 

Treat of the Month

Time flies! It’s March already! Here’s a treat for you guys. 🙂 Thank you for following and reading my blog. 🙂

God Helg!

  Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂