Sauda Norway by Cristina Lacsamana

I received a call from my mom around 9pm yesterday when we were driving around the town. She asked me if I was online on the Internet and when I said no she insisted that I should do it later when I get home. I asked her why and she said in a very proudly way that Norway for the 8th time has been awarded by the United Nations as the best country to live in. They chose Norway because of its 1. high life expectancy rate which is 81.0, average anual income of 58.10 dollars and 12.6 years of schooling.

I’ve been living here in Norway for more than five years now and I can say that my life changed after I got here. I’m not rich but there is a feeling of security. Security does not only imply low crimes but a good future to everyone which means great health benefits/programs, retirement benefits for everyone (for those who have worked and havn’t) and free schooling from first grade up to senior highschool. College is almost free. We pay only 117 dollars per semester and we buy the books ourselves. Great deal right? đŸ™‚

That’s why I love being here and grateful to live here. Norway is a land of opportunities. It may not have the biggest malls and skyscrapers but they have the Norwegian fjords, the Vikings and a rich culture.

1. UN report:


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