New Year 2011

Happy New Year!!! Gosh it’s already the year of the rabbit! Time goes by so swiftly! I don’t know what to expect but I’m really positive about it. Goodbye to the negative vibes!

How about you guys?

How was the celebration?

Well me, I had a blast! I ate a lot and drank a bit. hehe… However the weather was kinda bad, it was rainy and windy and I got a bit worried that the fireworks would shot to the neighbor houses at my friends’ crib. I don’t like big fire. It’s scary! ~_~

Anywho, now it’s time to share some of our New Year Celebration moments. 🙂

Fireworks! The shot’s not that clear though. (Too lazy to bring the big cam! :P)


Me with my gorgeous girlfriend 😉
Theo! Believe it or not he’s not afraid of the fireworks 🙂

I hope everyone got what they wished for last Christmas and this New Year. 

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