Last 5 Minutes

I had a really bad start this morning. It was really hard to get up. I didn’t get enough sleep last night eventhough I slept for around 8 hours. So in short, this morning is one of the worst mornings in my life and it’s not only that. The lousy cold weather, melting ice on the road, wet snow and my wet boots almost brought the bitchness out of me. I was thinking of how my friends on the other side of the planet would react if they were here. I bet they would curse the god of weather for that.

Anyway, I had a long and stressful day at work today. Some people annoyed me and something bad happened to the gatebukk. Grrr.. However I have more sales today than yesterday. Maybe that was my price for being such a good girl. Haha! 🙂 After work, my boyfriend fetched me and went to Kvadrat to buy a pair of waterproof shoes for me. I’m so tired of having wet feet everytime it rains. Well it only happened twice but I hate it!
We’ve been to 3 shoe stores. Tried 3-4 pairs of boots but none of it are waterproof! So we went back to the second store and found one, the sales lady said that it’s not waterproof, however I can still use it as long as I don’t expose the boots under the rain for a very long time. Okay I said and I tried it and checked the price, 217 dollars for that pair. I sat on the chair for almost a quarter and think twice if I should buy it or not. At last I made a decision, I won’t buy the boots. It’s too expensive for me and besides I don’t like the color.
After a while I heard the mall’s speaker reminding us that Kvadrat’s closing in 5 minutes. We were on our way to the door when we suddenly saw the Ecco shoe store. We went there and saw that they have some shoes for sale (only 799 kroner or 133 dollars) and tada I found 2 pairs! One black and one gray! I checked those and read that the shoes are waterproof! I tried both and picked the gray one. I checked the original price before I went to the cashier to pay and I found out that it originally costs 217 dollars.
I had a really huge smile on my face when I head out of the store. My bf said “You look very contented  and happy” and I answered of course I am. 🙂


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