A Student’s Blah Blahs in Stavanger

Stavanger on a gloomy day

Frozen water, but it’s not allowed to step on it.

Except if you’re as light as these birds..
Cars and busses are important in the cities.
That important 🙂

At the Stavanger Library

I went to Stavanger Biblioteket on Monday to borrow the book for my Organization Theory subject. I’m so happy that I won’t have to buy that book. 🙂 Saved 400 crowns for that! I’m still saving though I almost don’t have to pay for the tuition fee. The books are damn expensive! I have other things to buy too aside from books.
Anyway, I got suprised because the library got an Xbox 360 console and games on its media department! Cool right? Being a gamer that I am, I’m glad for the sake of those who can’t afford to buy the console. Atleast they would be able to try the latest games and not be left behind.

They made me leave the Library:

 Packing my stuff to leave the area.

Library is a place for reading, researching and not chit-chatting! Herregud! There was this guy wearing a leather jacket not so far from my table, who’s talking to his cellphone all the time and suddenly his friends arrived and they were laughing and talking very loudly. Can’t they read the sign?! Are they blind? Geesh! I got so pissed that I left my table to find another one, but unfortunately all was occupied already. Speaking of bad luck! >.< I hate it when people don’t respect others just for their own sake. I wish he’ll learn his lesson now or sooner ‘coz he ain’t pleasing anyone with his attitude!

Visited my Cousin

After the library I went to my cousin’s place. It feels great to meet your relative once in a while. I don’t often go to Stavanger because of school loads or work.

Ming Ming was glad to see me again!
Me, playing with my digicam while waiting for my bf.

Stavanger Sentrum at Night and the Swans

At Skagen

We took a little tour after I visited my cousin. As usual I took lots of pictures of my bf. Poor him, he doesn’t like it but he loves me what can he do? 🙂
After eating at Burger King we fed the swans at Skagen. Gosh, they’re more than 10!!! They are so beautiful. Probably one of my favorite species of birds now.

We got spectators! Yay!
Feeding time!
This is the moment.

I wonder if these swans are the same as these swans in 2009. For your information, these creatures have been a problem in the Stavanger sentrum. They stopped the traffic a lot of times. So that is the reason why people built the fence along the bay.

This picture is from a friend of mine. Taken in 2009.

Click here for more photos.

Author: therebelchic

Cristina is 29-year-old photo enthusiast and an aspiring photographer. She grew up in the Philippines and moved to Norway when she was 19 years old. She is currently working in Bergen as a health care assistant and sales agent. During her free time, she would go out and explore nature in the nearby areas alone or with friends and share her adventures on her blog. She dreams of conquering each and every mountains of Norway and take photos of the fjords and wildlife. She also wants to explore portrait photography. Her gadgets of choice are smartphones, iPad and digital cameras. Her blog missrebelchic.com serve as er online book for her family, friends, acquaintances and people who share the same interests with her or for those who just need an inspiration. So basically, her blog is not only for photos but for musings as well. She also wants to inspire people to go out in nature. Disclaimer: All photos in this blog are taken by me a.k.a. The Rebel Chic unless stated otherwise.

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