The Preparation

 I’m having a birthday party this coming Saturday. I have almost 30 guests now and that makes me excited. This party is gonna be my 4th big birthday party in my life. I had 2 or 3 when I was a kid and I think I had one on my 18th or 19th birthday. I’m not a big fan of birthday celebrations. However I thought that I should do it now because I’m not getting anymore younger.

The party would be at Sandnes sentrum. I’m so happy that I have friends who are helping me to organize this event. I love them!

Before the party, my friends and I are going to play laser tag. I wonder if its really fun like paintball. Anyway, we bought these things yesterday but we’re still missing a lot like foods, more drinks, and the disposable plates. 
Europris is one of the best stores you can find in Norway.

Disposable Snapsglass and coffee cups
Disposable spoons

Table napkins

Trash bags

The boosts!

To be continued…

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