Review: Bosch Salon Professional Hair Dryer

Hair is the crowning glory of everyone. So we have to make sure that we know how to take good care of it and manage it.
Anyway, I have a thick wavy hair so it takes time to dry it especially in the morning. The hair dryer which I bought 3-4 years ago is weak and it takes around almost an hour to dry my hair and besides it has no diffuser so I could not have my desired style on my hair.
Good thing that my birthday was just some couple of days to go and my bf asked me what I want for my birthday. I said that I want a hair dyer with atleast 1500 W effect on it, a curling iron.. etc and guess what I wished for! However it was not my bf who gave it to me then since he wanted to give me something else. It was his family who gave it to me. I’m so thankful!

                      Bosch Salon Professional Hair Dryer ( the box and the rear view of the dryer with the ion button)                     

             Facts: (what is written on the box)
                   – 2000W effect
                   – it has a cool button
                   – soft and easy grip
                   -it has a professional AC motor
                   -ionisation for anti-static effect
                   -it has a difuser and a styling nozzle included

If you’re travelling lite this is not the right tool for you. This is not a travel hair dryer because of its size and weight.

I love the soft rubber grip and the switches. Better control on the effect.
 My verdict:

I really love this hair dryer. It is powerful and effective. Drying time is lesser compared to my old hair dryer. My hair got this fabulous effect too and I don’t need to go to a salon just to straighten or style my hair. Speaking of home salon!
Other than its size and weight everything is perfect! I recommend this hair dryer to everyone who loves hair styling, who are always in a hurry and for professional stylists too.


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