Eos Saved My Day!

I sat on the library for almost 6 hours today after school! Long day! However it was not that bad… well except that I almost fainted because of hunger! Again for the 10th time, I forgot to eat lunch. I was really busy with my home test in statistics. I want to be finish with it before the deadline. I hate being late!

Sandnes Library is one of the best places to study. Anyone could borrow a small private room for reading.


I took a break and after eating I bought something at the pharmacy. Can you guess what it is? 🙂

Tada! It’s Eos lipbalm! I never thought that it already came in Norway. 🙂 I’m so happy! I even forgot what I was stressing about!

Lemon Drop flavor

It really tastes good and not only that it has SPF 15 too! Perfect for summer!

It feels natural and not greasy when applied on the lips and it gives you the perfect moisture for that chappy dry lips!

Price in Norwegian kroner: 75,-
My verdict:
I gonna give this veldig søt lipbalm a 5 star rating.:) I would definitely recommend this to everyone!
Thumbs up if you agree with me 🙂


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